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Help you to change season trouble become easy HK$350* from the seasonal big discount | One Storage

Release Date : 31-12-2020

What is good? The new season is the most headache, rummage around the house, easy to get clothes and difficult to put them away. Why not put it in the warehouse? The air conditioning is good all day long! Come and have a look immediately! *Ren...

Tsing Yi store, the first price of the festival, only $ 399! | One Storage

Release Date : 31-12-2020

Tsing Yi store for the festive season, only $ 399! 2021 is here, the terrier is to sweep ready for the new year, toys and miscellaneous items and documents pile up house, the slippery bit is the s...

One Storage wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Release Date : 24-12-2020

No space in the Christmas tree after Christmas? Why not put it in mini storage? Do you have a house you want to get rid of before the New Year? Remember to look for us 😏! 👉One Storage Facebook:

Super Limited Offer at San Po Kong Lijia Branch

Release Date : 14-12-2020

Super limited offer at San Po Kong Ritz-Carlton Branch, only $700* for 16 feet Limited quota, the best offer of the year! Address: Room CD, 9/F, Ricacorp Industrial Building, 8 Ng Fong Street, San Po Kong, Kowloon ...

HK$350* Anti-epidemic economy warehouse to help you save money and space

Release Date : 11-12-2020

This offer has ended, thanks for your support! HK$350* Anti-epidemic economy warehouse to help you save money and space Specially selected stores from HK$350* to help you save money and space. This issue's economic ...

*Fotan branch new store opening, as low as HK$350*

Release Date : 11-12-2020

🤑Fo Tan Fu Cheong branch newly opened, opening happy price HK$3...

The old man in the new robe shared towels! | Mini Storage 

Release Date : 08-12-2020

📣 The old man in the new robe shared towels! Zhongmandi masks? Starting from HK$350* to make a deal with you! The editor recently watched the V TV house show, and the old man in the new robe shared towels and covered masks! The living e...

Break Up Museum|One Storage|Mini Storage

Release Date : 01-12-2020

There are many kinds of museums in the world, and there are museums with different themes all over the world, and the types of exhibits are also strange, but in particular, this one is believed to be one of the best: Although the M...

How about manage Mirror's collection? |Mirror Collection|One Storage Mini Storage

Release Date : 24-11-2020

The Mirror craze has never stopped this year! Recently, McDonald's launched a new McFried Chicken meal and invited the 12 members of MIRROR to promote it, and for four weeks in a row, they have been releasing di...

Mini Storage | Limited offer 27 sq. ft. Mini Store for $800 per month

Release Date : 21-11-2020

*The offer is subject to terms and conditions, please enquire for details