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Designated branches, limited discounts! | One Storage | Mini Storage

Release Date : 02-11-2021

At the end of summer, summer supplies are taken back from time to time. I am preparing for autumn hiking supplies. I find that my space at home is almost full?When the autumn wind blows, when you want to take out the clothes for the season, yo...

Three tips to help you "dress up" for Halloween! |Halloween Costume Storage|One Storage

Release Date : 31-10-2021

Happy Halloween! It seems that trick-or-treating is not so popular nowadays, with both adults and children preferring to "dress up as ghosts and horses" to welcome Christmas. Some people like to dress up as scary cartoon or movie cha...

Facebook changed its name to "Meta"|Meta universe|All new technologies are related to holding positions? ! |One Storage|Mini Storage

Release Date : 29-10-2021

Today (October 28) Facebook CEO Zuckerberg announced at the company's annual event that Facebook has changed its name to Meta to reflect the company's emphasis on "Metaverse". Zuckerberg also stated that Facebook will spend 1...

Latest offer! Rent for 12 months to enjoy a special discount, plus 1 month of free warehouse rent*! |One Storage|Mini Storage

Release Date : 29-10-2021

Have no space in your house and want to expand? One Storage can help you add value to your space with a limited offer!   Enjoy a 40% discount and 1 free month of storage rental when you register for a designated pl...

The opening of Tuen Ma Line makes get in and out of Fotan easier! |Fotan Unison Industrial Centre Branch|One Storage

Release Date : 22-10-2021

Since the opening of the Tuen Ma Line, it has become much more convenient to travel between Sha Tin and Yuen Long District. Naturally, it is much easier to go to Fo Tan, which belongs to Sha Tin District. Therefore, whether you are passing by ...

Want to move? Renting a mini-storage can help you | One Storage | Mini Storage|Moving

Release Date : 21-10-2021

In addition to renovations due to disrepair, housing enterprises also need renovations when moving houses. But not everyone can move after the new home has been renovated. For example, the old unit needs to be handed over to the new owner in a...

Camping|Good place for camping|Mini storage|One Storage

Release Date : 20-10-2021

I told you about what kind of equipment you need to use for camping. ! In fact, Hong Kong has great places. Just ...

I want to meet the job article-Candidate Mr. Chen's job interview! |One Storage | Mini Storage | Self Storage

Release Date : 19-10-2021

If the housing enterprise wants to renovate, it is decided to rent a mini-storage point? | One Storage | Mini Storage|Decoration

Release Date : 18-10-2021

Whether it is a public housing estate, a Home Ownership Scheme (HOS) flat or a private home, housing is always in a state of disrepair. Of course, it may also be the case that you want to change your home, but home renovation projects, no matt...

How to storage primary school textbooks? |One Storage|Mini storage

Release Date : 15-10-2021

Parents have tried it. Don’t know when the children’s books will be useful?   If you put it in the housing estate without a place, continue to put it? After finishing elementary school in minutes, I don...