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Pet Supplies Enforcement Method|One Storage

Release Date : 16-08-2021

More and more Hong Kong people are keeping pets, be it cats, dogs, small hamsters or rabbits, all of them are loved by Hong Kong people. The reason why so many people love small animals is that they can relieve their emotional stress and every...

Food Expo 2021 - What's the best way to buy more? |One Storage

Release Date : 13-08-2021

The Food Festival kicked off yesterday, are you planning to buy anything? This year, the 2021 Food Festival will be held from 12 to 16 August (Thursday to Monday) for 5 days, so get your shopping done while you can!   ...

Consumption Voucher Tips 2 | Mini Storage

Release Date : 13-08-2021

As I mentioned before, you can buy cash vouchers with your vouchers after you apply for them, but why do you need to go through the hassle of doing an extra step? Well, because there are three very good benefits!  

A powerful back-up for your interests|One Storage|Mini Storage

Release Date : 12-08-2021

Having a hobby for fun in your usual boring life is definitely a bit of a sweet spot in life!   And if there is a hobby that requires space in the house, it can be a real headache. For example, a piano alone can ta...

The epidemic has brought these things into your home! | One Storage | Mini Storage

Release Date : 11-08-2021

A sudden epidemic has disrupted the rhythm of life for all of us. During this extremely difficult time, we had to adhere to strict vaccination rules and had very few opportunities to go out.   Even so, people found...

Surprise! This is how you can store your kitchen utensils! | One Storage | Mini Storage

Release Date : 11-08-2021

Many people have a wide range of kitchen utensils in their homes, from electric beaters to woks and baking trays. There are so many different types of kitchen appliances that there is nothing we can't imagine, there are only the ones we ha...

High prices? Higher consumption desire? Today you need to know! | One Storage | Mini Storage

Release Date : 11-08-2021

Although Hong Kong is a high-priced society, the desire to spend is still very strong.   The culture of high spending has become a trend that is deeply rooted in the lives of Hong Kong people. I wonder if you have ...

Miscellaneous Amnesty Day | One Storage | Mini Storage

Release Date : 09-08-2021

The older you get, the more difficult it is to do a clean-up because it takes so much energy, time and effort to clean up the clutter, and it takes a lot of hard work.   Therefore, it is always best for the small o...

How Mini Storage can help you in 2021 Hong Kong Brands and Products Expo| One Storage

Release Date : 06-08-2021

The fourth wave of the epidemic has caused the cancellation of many public events, including the 2020 Hong Kong Trade Fair Shopping Festival last year.   With the epidemic finally subsiding, the fair will be held a...

Give you a good helper for Gunpla fans! | One Storage

Release Date : 06-08-2021

Speaking of Gundam, don’t you know which side is your favorite? It was Masha’s counterattack, Gundam00, who communicated with aliens, must be the iron-blooded orphan that sows the flower of hope, don’t stop?