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mini storage for commercial purpose: legal and accounting firm can now store their docu. with worry free


A company needs to face different transactions every day, and there are inevitably important legal documents to deal with contracts, documents and so on. If the contract is only one or two, of course, it will not cause much trouble. However, when the company has been operating for a long time, the business has expanded more and more, and the contract has more than one or two copies. Instead, it uses the box to measure the unit. Day after day, every corner of the company is slowly filled with legal documents or important documents that cannot be handled at will, making the sense of space more and more oppressive, even more so in law firms and accounting firms. Now the Law Firm and the CPA Building can make good use of the storage space of the mini-warehouse to free up more space for activities, not only to solve the increasing number of documents, but also to maintain the company's sense of space. The commercial mini-warehouse allows the company's customers to store documents with confidence. Generally, it provides a file access plan to help employees can remotely direct the mini-warehouse to store or extract or even burn the specified documents without leaving the company, and there is no need to worry about data leakage. .

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