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It's hard to understand the names of relatives! ? |Housing Process|One Storage|Mini Storage

Release Date : 28-01-2022

In the New Year, I will meet many distant relatives, or relatively rare relatives and friends, and it is easy to confuse everyone's names. But don't be afraid, i...

It is easy to seek good luck and avoid evil in the Year of the Tiger! |Home Fengshui|One Storage|Mini Storage

Release Date : 27-01-2022

Many people believe that the theory of Feng Shui numerology can help them enhance their fortune, but in fact, in addition to enhancing their fortune, they should also pay attention to how to make good use of Feng Sh...

A good way to send the old and welcome the new! |New Year's Storage|One Storage|Mini Storage

Release Date : 26-01-2022

It is the so-called "cleaning the sloppy on the twenty-eighth year"! The New Year is approaching, are you ready to clean your home at 28:00? Apart from cleaning, in fact, traditionally it is also important...

Great luck in the Year of the Tiger, how much do you know about committing Tai Sui? |Fortune for the Year of the Tiger|One Storage|Mini Storage

Release Date : 25-01-2022

In traditional concepts, each year has its own Tai Sui according to the Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches, so if your Chinese zodiac sign clashes with it, it's time to take the Tai Sui! Let's take a look a...

Want to shop but afraid of holding a house? ! |Shopping Arrangement|One Storage|Mini Storage

Release Date : 24-01-2022

If you're applying for an Octopus voucher in the second round, you'll be able to collect the final installment of $1,000 from 16 onwards. If you've got a vou...

Want to shop but afraid of holding a house? ! |Shopping Arrangement|One Storage|Mini Storage

Release Date : 21-01-2022

It turns out that in addition to Miss Chan & Mr Chan, there is a mysterious guest to interview ! With his excellent hearing, the abbot knows that we are inviting people from afar, and I heard that there are not ...

Pay attention to the location for luck in The Year of the Tiger! |Home Layout|One Storage|Mini Storage

Release Date : 20-01-2022

The Lunar New Year is fast approaching! Many people believe in feng shui and want to make their fortune go through the roof! In the New Year, it's time to change the orientation of your storage units....

Puzzle Game|Mini Storage|One Storage

Release Date : 20-01-2022

Can household clutter be tethered? |New Year's Eve|One Storage|Mini Storage

Release Date : 18-01-2022

Chinese New Year is coming soon! This year's New Year's Day is February 1st. Are you ready for your family and friends to come to your home to pay New Year's greetings? Let's get together and meet ea...

Spring-clean!  |New Year's Cleaning|One Storage Mini Storage

Release Date : 14-01-2022

It's Chinese New Year again! Of course, you have to clean your home on the 28th of the year to welcome the new year, but is it troublesome to clean your home? Why don't you take a look at the tips shared by ...