Mini storage|8 things to do before packing your luggage

迷你倉|8件打包行李前要做的事 | 至尊迷你倉 One Storage

Whether you are looking for a moving warehouse to move, or a renovation warehouse to renovate


Before you start packing and moving out of the unit you currently live in, you should make preparations in advance to make moving easier. Please pay attention to the following points to make your moving process more effective.


Packaging Tips 1: Specify the "non-packing area" and draw a "don't pack" area. When you are ready, please pack these items-usually before moving. Items that should not be put in the box include chargers, some tableware and necessary clothing.


Packaging Tip 2: Sell! Put the items you don’t want to pack and sell on Carosell or Facebook, earn some extra cash, and then transfer the items to the next needy user in the process. Clothing, kitchen supplies, sofas, outdoor supplies and furniture are all items that can be considered for sale.


Packaging tip 3: Donation If you can’t sell your items, please donate your items to charity. Those in need will appreciate what you have done.


Packaging tips 4: get rid of unnecessary things. If you can’t sell or give away items, just throw them away. As time goes by, the space you free up will surely surprise you!


Packaging tips 5: Recycling batteries and electronic products It is best to recycle batteries instead of throwing them away. Not only does the battery take a long time to decompose, but the substances inside are also harmful to the environment. Please send your electronic equipment and batteries to a suitable recycling location.


Packaging tips 6: Disassemble the furniture. Disassemble the furniture and put it aside. Armchairs with detachable legs, detachable coffee tables, or detachable glass tables are all things that can be removed and stored before moving. Make sure to keep the screws and assembly parts!


Packaging tips 7: Stop buying groceries a week before moving. If you often cook at home, you will want to stop buying food a week ago. Start eating what is left of your house so that you don’t waste food when you move.


Packaging tips 8: Pack one hour at a time. Start slowly. You can only pack one hour at a time. It is not good to exhaust yourself before a busy day of moving, so arrange your priorities! Finally, it is to deliver everything to the Self Storage. For the recommendation of the Self Storage, the first choice is to look at our super warehouses specially designed for moving houses.


If you want to ask more questions about the price of mini storage, please click here mini storage for more information.


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