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1. How to contact One Storage?

Hotline: (852) 2111 2636 email: [email protected] Whatsapp: (852)5118 8503

2. What is office hours for payment and site visit for One Storage?

By appointment for site visit: Monday to Friday: 10:00 am to 7:00 pm Saturaday/Sunday and Public Holiday: 10:00 am to 5:00 pm

3. How to contact One Storage after Office hours?

Please call (852) 2111 2636 after office hours.

1. What size of storage I need?

You can use space calculator to measure the size of storage you need or contact our staff for proposals

2. What size of storage for selection?

Branches have different size storges, please call 21112636 for details.

1. Can we have size visit before rental?

We welcome customers to have site visit to know the actual environment before rental.

2. Any appointment needed before site vist?

Please call 2111 2636 or contact the branch directly to make appointment . If you want to have site visit on weekend, Sunday or public holiday, please make your appointment at least one working day in advance.

1. How about the enviroment and humidity of the storage?

All branches have 24 hours air conditioning to maintain constant temperature.

2. How about the fire services facilities for storage?

Follows the instruction provided by Fire Services Department.

3. How about the security of the storage?

7 X 24 around the clock secuity access system, high resolution monitor and alarm system.

1. Any deposit is needed for storage rental?

For 1-2 month storage rental agreement: 2 months original rental fee as deposit. For 3 months or above storage rental agreement deposit: 1 month original rental fee as deposit. All the deposit will returned within 30 days after the agreement completed.

2. How to pay the rental fee?

Customer can have following payment methods: EPS, cheque, credit card, Faster Payment System (FPS) or interest free installment.

3. Can One Storage issue monthly rental fee invoice for payment which requested by company?

One Storage will issue invoice to customer who settles rental fee by monthly base through email or whatsapp. However, no monthly invoice will be issued if you are prepayment customer.

1. After rental, how to move in and access for the stoarge?

Customer can use intelligent access card anytime to move in and access to the storage.

2. Can customer access the storage anytime?

Yes, customer can access the storage with access card anytime to deposit and take anything 24 hours.

3. Anything is prohibit to deposit in storage?

Cutomer is prohibit to deposit anything that may considered harmful, dangerous, restricted or prohibited by law, includes but not limited to explosive, flammable, radioactive, chemicals, illegal, corrosive, food or perishable goods. One Storage Management Company Limited has the right to teminate the agreement immediately and ask for compensation. No refund of deposit for this situation.

1. What is the process for the incompleted agreement which need to terminate? Any penalty for this situation?

If customer needs to teminate the agreement, all payments prepared are not refundable.

"2. Does the customer need to sign a new agreement if he/she wants to continue the stoarge services?

Yes, customer services officer will contact customer 30 day before the agreement expired and new agreement will be issued for customer to sign.

3. What is the process for agreement expired?

"Customer needs to contact us 14 days before the due date by written notification, call or email (Customer service officer will send the temination document by email.) Document and review of the storage are needed on the temination day. Deposit will refund within 30 days after termination of agreement."

If you cannot get the answer you want, please contact One Storage directly!

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