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Are there any mini storage near 39 Wing Shun Street? |One Storage

Release Date : 30-11-2022

The godfather Anson lo recently released a new song 39 Wing Shun Street, you have not heard it? This song is about first love memories, and everyone's first love and does not know what to do. You and the first l...

No one is afraid of too much wine, Mini Storage can help you! |One Storage

Release Date : 25-11-2022

  No one is afraid of too much wine, Mini Storage can help you! How can anyone have too much wine? If you want to treasure your wine, you may need the h...

There is a place to put the wave shirt and shoes! It's okay to buy more! |The World Cup is starting! |One Storage

Release Date : 17-11-2022

The World Cup 2022 will start soon, when will it start? Have you bought your team's shirt yet? Which team are you a fan of?

"Yayoi Kusama: 1945 to the Present" comes to M+ Museum! |Art Collection|One Storage

Release Date : 11-11-2022

This Saturday, the West Kowloon Cultural District Museum M+ opens its doors to the public with the following notable exhibition: Yayoi Kusama - 1945 to the Present. This is the largest retrospective of Yayoi Kusama...

Keep your children safe at home! Put the figures in the mini storage! |Children's Home|One Storage

Release Date : 08-11-2022

Children are the heart and soul of every parent, and they must be taken care of at all times, so it is important to arrange the design of the home so that they can grow up safely and happily. Here are some...

3 Tips! One Storage teaches you how to take care of your shoes in rainy weather! |Shoe Care|One Storage

Release Date : 04-11-2022

Many guys have one or two pairs of leather shoes, whether it's for styling or going to work and school, leather shoes are always the choice of many p...

What to do on Halloween? |Halloween Party Preparation|Hong Kong Halloween 2022 | Wong Chuk Hang Mini Storage

Release Date : 26-10-2022

Halloween is just around the corner! Have you decided where to go for Halloween? To Disney's Haunted Mansion 2022 with friends? Or do you want to go to the Halloween event at Ocean Park? Hello Hello Halloween c...

Share the interesting things about storage! Tidiness is really important!|Living Space|One Storage

Release Date : 12-10-2022

  We often share with you the importance of storage and tidying up your home space, and we also share a lot of knowledge and tips on storage. But nowadays, many people don't do storage, not nec...

Toy model safe placement strategy!|Toy and Model Collection|One Storage|Mini Storage

Release Date : 10-10-2022

Do you need to consider the safe storage of toys and models? Yes, for one thing, many toys and models have very delicate structures, such as Gundam models, Lego buildings and some hand-made models, etc. For another...

One storage image update?|One Storage

Release Date : 07-10-2022

  Miss Chen: Hey! what's going on? why so...