Mini Storage | 10 tips for clean up your home

Release Date : 07-07-2021


After the epidemic over the past year or so, working from home has already become normal. When we stay at home for a long time, we want to make our homes look nice to improve our quality of life and living. As a result, many of us are starting to find that there are lots of things that need to be replaced or added to our homes.


Due to the resurgence of the epidemic, government public facilities have been suspended, so more and more people are buying small and medium-sized fitness equipment to exercise at home and to keep fit to fight the epidemic.


As people continue to spend money for various reasons, clutter continues to accumulate in the home, leaving less and less space. To help you solve these problems, I am going to give you my top 10 tips on how to clean up your home while the epidemic is still in full swing.


1: Establishing steps to take in place

- Organise by section

- Take out all items

- Sort and select items

- Sort out the location

- Use your storage tools


2: Tidy up regularly

If it's too late to start tidying up after every pile, it's easier and tidier to do it regularly.


3: Put things back where they belong

Return things to their original place every time you use them, so that you can develop good habits and reduce space wastage.


4: Counting items

Keep track of the items in your home and take regular counts to keep track of your 'stock' and avoid buying the same items over and over again, resulting in waste.


5: One in, one out

What does this mean exactly? It means that when we buy a new item, we have to get rid of an old one, so that we can keep the number of items in our home as low as possible, and not increase it.


6: Follow the "1-5-7" rule

Only put 10% of items on display shelves, 50% of items on storage shelves and 70% of items in wardrobe drawers to avoid overloading your home with clutter.


7: Make the best use of storage

Some items are difficult to "disconnect", so you have to make the best use of storage products, such as using a single storage box.


8: Separate your items into categories

Whether it's a wardrobe, a bookcase or a fridge, it's important to sort them all out! Those you use frequently can be placed within easy reach, those you use less can be placed lower down, and those you use least can be placed at the top or deeper in the cupboard.


9: Be a smart consumer

Always reflect on your spending patterns, cut back on non-essential items, or rethink your "cut and run" choices before each purchase.


10: Rent mini storage

By renting the most space for the least amount of money, you can reduce the clutter in your home, expand your living space and greatly improve your quality of life.


One Storage not only provides quality and professional mini storage services to customers, but also has branches all over Hong Kong, Kowloon and the New Territories, and is actively expanding its business with nearly 30 mini storage units to choose from.


The mini-warehouses are decorated and equipped in strict compliance with the Fire Services Department's mini-warehouse guidelines and the latest fire safety regulations, and are equipped with round-the-clock security systems and intelligent security systems, so customers can rest assured of their services. In addition, customers can self-store, put in and take out supplies at any time, 24 hours a day.


To find out how One Storage can help you organise your space and help you get the most out of your space at the lowest cost, contact us today! 


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