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Speaking of everyone's childhood classic "Doraemon", many people can say that his creator is Fujiko Fujio, but in fact, it is Fujiko F Fujio more accurately. Fujiko Fujio is originally a duo, one is Fujiko F Fujio, and the other is Fujiko Fujio A. The main creator of "Doraemon", Mr. Fujimoto Hiroshi, whose pen name is Fujiko F Fujio, passed away decades ago, and the one who recently passed away is actually his former partner, Mr. An Sunzi Suo, whose pen name is Fujiko Fujio A .

Fujiko Fujio A is actually not the main author of "Doraemon", but you must have heard of his masterpieces, such as "Ninja Elf", "Q Taro" and "Black Salesman" and other masterpieces, in fact, the two The same is the legend of the world.


Fujiko Fujio A and F have known each other since elementary school, and their talents were already revealed at that time. As early as elementary school, they worked together to create a hand-drawn comic magazine. After that, the two masters have been working hard on the road of comics, and Fujiko Fujio's combination has gradually been discovered and officially became famous.


Afterwards, the two masters decided to create separately due to their different creative directions. Mr. Fujimoto Hiroshi (Fujiko F Fujio) focused on children and happy routes, and created a handed down work - "Doraemon", while An Sunzi Mr. Suxiong (Fujiko Fujio A) focuses on the realistic route and has created a series of works that reflect reality, such as "Black Salesman".


I believe that many of my friends have their works in their childhood. There are so many handed down works of the two masters, such as "Doraemon", "Q Taro", etc. There have always been peripheral products launched. I want to treasure my childhood memories but I am afraid Not enough space?


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