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Many people believe that the theory of Feng Shui numerology can help them enhance their fortune, but in fact, in addition to enhancing their fortune, they should also pay attention to how to make good use of Feng Shui to avoid future dangers. It's time to take a look!

(Fengshui numerology is not an exact science, the content is for reference only)


Five Yellow Entering the Middle Palace


This year's 2022 Year of the Tiger's Five Yellows moved into the Central Palace for the purpose of "Zheng Guan Sha". Such Guan Sha has a considerable impact, representing disasters, viruses, and longevity.


In the home, the influence of the five yellows entering the middle palace is also great, and the palace where the five yellows are present (that is, this year's middle palace) is not suitable for long-term daily work and rest. If the hall or bedroom is unfortunately in the five-yellow position, you can use a music box or copper gourd to resolve it.


Sanbi enters due east


Sanbi represents bankruptcy, loss of wealth, vulnerable hands and feet, and physical problems. It is also the source of right and wrong. If the bedroom or study is located in the due east this year, family members are prone to quarrels or disputes over trivial matters. At the same time, it may also cause problems such as bankruptcy and limb damage. If you want to resolve Sanbi, it is recommended to place a red wishful knot or a red spring.


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