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In the new year, wage earners most want to be promoted and added to labor! Why not take a look at the following mini storage by One Storage
The feng shui orientation tips prepared for you to improve your fortune?

(Fengshui numerology is not an exact science, the content is for reference only)

Great prosperity in the West

In 2002, the "official position" in the year of the tiger is in the West, and the official position is in charge of career luck. If you want to boost your career luck, you can place a crystal dragon-shaped decoration or a wooden sailboat in the west of your office, or you can even directly move your office to the west, which can improve your career and career luck, and the new year will be smooth!

At the same time, do not place any bright flowers or decorations in this position, so as not to attract villains and right and wrong!

The popularity of the Northern Great Prosperity

In 2022, the year of the tiger, "Xiumen" is in the north. "Xiumen" is in charge of noble people and fate. Everyone knows how important interpersonal relationships are to work and career. If you want to boost your luck, you can place a pair of mandarin ducks or peacock feathers in the north of your office, so as to boost your popularity, and you will be supported by nobles throughout the year!

At the same time, avoid placing any aquatic plants in this position, such as lilies, roses, etc., which will easily dilute popularity and drive away nobles.

It is necessary to furnish a large office for the office, but where can things be temporarily stored?

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