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Chinese New Year is here! 2022 is the Year of the Tiger, everyone wants to be full of good luck throughout the year! Let's take a look at the influence of home color on Feng Shui pattern!

(Fengshui numerology is not an exact science, the content is for reference only)


White - Five Elements Metal
White can enhance the overall brightness of the home and bring a sense of cleanliness. But not all of them are decorated in white. In addition to being unsightly, matching other colors, such as yellow, can form a situation of native gold from the perspective of Feng Shui, so that the whole family will rise step by step and be full of luck!


Green - Five Elements Wood
Green symbolizes life, and setting the main color of the room as green can make thinking clear, which is beneficial to study and work.


Black, blue - the five elements belong to water
Black symbolizes calmness and coldness. The color is heavy and therefore not suitable for large-scale use at home. Using too much black will give people a sense of oppression.


Blue symbolizes rationality. If you want to use blue as the main color, it is recommended to use light blue instead of dark blue, which also avoids the gloomy interior of the house.


Red - the five elements belong to fire
Red represents auspiciousness, but it is full of fire. It is not recommended to use red as the main color of the layout. On the contrary, red is suitable for small-area decoration of the home environment, adding joy and bringing good luck.


Yellow - the five elements belong to the earth
Yellow represents wealth. Choose some furniture or decorations with yellow color, which can increase wealth and make wealth prosperous!


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