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There is no need to go out in the night street in the seventh month of the lunar calendar! Point of solution? Because the Chinese tradition is the Ghost Festival in July, the gate of the ghost is opened, everyone must be careful~ Today, the ghost gate of the Zhongxi family opened to the biggest Yulan Festival!


However, everyone will watch the taboos of the Ghost Festival a lot. It is better to wait for the editor to briefly talk about the tradition of the Yulan Festival. In fact, there is still a Yulan Shenghui in the old district. There are magical performances and peace rice. ...And the Hong Kong Yulan Winner’s Club dates back to the 1940s. It was a theater in Causeway Bay that was used by the nearby residents to bury "friends". Usually the theater used long bamboo to hang lanterns as a guide light. Let the lonely ghost Li enjoy the tribute banquet.


Gradually, the Yulan Shenghui will not only hold activities for the Yulan Festival every year, Zhonghui will use Li to connect with fellow villagers and commemorate the ancestors and the lonely ghosts. I talked a lot about the wildness of Yulan Festival. In fact, the most shocking thing to tell the truth is to see ghosts, but to see the piles of debris in the houses and enterprises, there are so many wild fields, and the landslides will flood at any time, so no matter what you see When it comes to clutter, it's the same as seeing a ghost.


Of course, if you hold a house, you must hold on to the less and less unsophisticated house enterprises, the better. Is it true that you should abandon the house and enterprises? To the point where it is, it's better to rent a mini warehouse! The mini-storage can not only free up more space for activities, highly protect your belongings, and even save money and time, because the rent of renting a mini-storage is often lower than the house price, and it is not necessary to put the same category of items Mini storage can greatly reduce the time spent in the wild. If you haven’t rented a mini-storage before, if you don’t know if it’s good to rent a side room, it’s better to rent the One Storage supreme mini-storage~


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