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Area Introduction - Tsuen Wan

Tsuen Wan Properties

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As one of the well-developed towns in the New Territories, Tsuen Wan can not only meet all daily needs, but also has many cultural entertainment and conservation facilities. It is now called "City in the Sky" to praise its complete pedestrian network. Since Tsuen Wan is so livable, let's take a look at the new strategies for living in Tsuen Wan!


Area Introduction - Tsuen Wan

Tsuen Wan, which everyone is familiar with now, is also one of the most historic districts in Hong Kong. Its ancient name was "Shallow Bay". How did the ancient "Shallow Wan" become Tsuen Wan? There is a saying that the name was changed to today's Tsuen Wan because of the need to avoid the meaning of "long swim in shallow water and shrimp play".


After reclamation and land preparation in the early years, Tsuen Wan quickly became one of Hong Kong's industrial centers. In the 1950s, the textile industry in Tsuen Wan was particularly developed. At that time, even the largest spinning and dyeing factories in Hong Kong were located in Tsuen Wan is quite famous! After the 1960s, Tsuen Wan was developing towards becoming the first satellite city in the New Territories, and the urban planning included the nearby areas of Tsing Yi and Kwai Chung.


Tsuen Wan is located in the southwest of the New Territories. There are different life and entertainment facilities in the city. It really has everything you need. The traffic in the city center is also well-connected, with the MTR, buses and public light buses all passing by different routes. Most of the important public, commercial, cultural and recreational facilities in Tsuen Wan District are concentrated in the city center of Tsuen Wan, such as Tsuen Wan Town Hall, Sha Tsui Road Playground, Tsuen Wan Plaza, Tsuen Xintiandi, etc., so living in it is very convenient!


And why is Tsuen Wan dubbed the "City in the Sky" by everyone, and some even call it the "Kenli Dungeon"? In fact, because the residents of the area really don’t need to walk on the ground, Tsuen Wan has the most complete pedestrian bridge network in all urban areas in Hong Kong, basically covering the entire Tsuen Wan city center, connecting more than 20 shopping malls and housing estates.


The entire network of footbridges is built around the two MTR stations in the district, Tsuen Wan Station and Tsuen Wan West Station; the total length from east to west is nearly 1,400 meters, which is almost equal to the length of Tsing Ma Bridge! When residents of the district leave the MTR station, they can directly walk on the covered overpass and then walk to most parts of the city center, reducing the trouble of waiting for the road and getting sun and rain.


After having a more comprehensive understanding of Tsuen Wan, do you want to move to Tsuen Wan sooner? That being the case, let’s learn more about moving to Tsuen Wan!


Tsuen Wan Properties
Tsuen Wan has all kinds of cultural and recreational facilities. If you think it is a good idea to live in this area, then you should take a look at the real estate introduction in Tsuen Wan!


Tsuen Wan Property 1-The Aurora
The Aurora is located at No. 88, Yeung Uk Road, Tsuen Wan, New Territories, Hong Kong. The project consists of 3 31-storey residential buildings, providing a total of 840 units. The usable areas of the units generally range from 217 feet to 2,022 feet. host. The project also houses a 35-storey commercial building "PLAZA 88", which can be accessed from the residential project via a pedestrian bridge, and provides offices, retail and restaurants and other businesses and services. The project is only about 10 minutes away from MTR Tsuen Wan West Station or Tsuen Wan Station.


Tsuen Wan Property 2-Ocean Pride
Ocean Pride is located at No. 100, Kangle West Road, Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong. The first phase of the project provides a total of 970 units. The units are mainly from 1 to 4 bedrooms, and open-plan units are not provided. The usable area of ​​the project units ranges from 370 feet to 1,149 feet. 


The second phase of the project is named Love of the Sea. Ocean Supreme provides a total of 4 residential buildings with a total of 1,436 units. The main types of units are 2, 3 and 4 bedrooms. All the project units can see the Tsuen Wan sea view.


The project also provides a shopping mall Op Mall, a clubhouse and a 4-storey giant car park, which can provide a total of 1,800 parking spaces.


Decoration design considerations
In Hong Kong, there are many cases of families living together with the elderly. How can we consider the overall needs of all people in the decoration design, so as to make the home environment safer? Here are some to consider:


Decoration design consideration points 1 - reduce the risk of falling and slipping
Elderly people have weakened muscle strength, so they are more likely to fall, and the consequences of falls and injuries can be very serious! Therefore, it is very important to reduce their risk of falling and slipping in different aspects, such as some furniture with armrests, such as dining tables and sofas with armrests, so that the elderly can stand or sit low. At the same time, in terms of the floor, you can consider some stone brick boards or waterproof floors with anti-slip function, and install handrails on the surrounding passages. Finally, the commonly used passages should be designed to be wider.


Decoration design consideration point 2 - reduce the chance of needing to climb high and squat low
When designing, consider daily usage habits, and reduce the number of commonly used items in places where you have to climb up and reach out or squat down to get them. At present, the design of some lockers has also added different devices, such as some lifting and easy-to-pull racks, which are convenient for the elderly to easily access. At the same time, it is also best to install some commonly used electrical switches to a height that is easier to reach.
Decoration design consideration points 3 - home should have sufficient light
The sensitivity of the eyes of the elderly may not be as good as when they were young. There should be sufficient light sources in the home environment to reduce the risk of falling. For example, transparent glass can be used as a home partition, and small lights can be installed in some dark corners. At the same time, the light switch should be installed beside the bed to reduce the risk of falls when the elderly walk around at night. At the same time, the colors of the furniture and the ground should be contrasted as much as possible, so that the elderly can easily distinguish the distance between objects.


Safe Moving Tips
Not only the home environment must be safe, but you can also check and prepare some things in advance before moving to make the whole moving process smoother!


Safe Moving Tip 1 - Secure Furniture with Tape
The movable parts in the furniture, such as drawers and partitions, need to be fixed with tape in advance to avoid falling during transportation.


Safe Moving Tip 2- Pay attention to the weight of the items when packing
When packing items into the box, do not only consider space, but also the weight of different items. Items that are not afraid of pressure should be placed at the bottom of the box; light and fragile items should be placed on top.


Safe Moving Tip 3 - Empty the fridge first
Before moving, the contents of the refrigerator should be emptied, and the food stock in the home should be well estimated before moving.


Safe Moving Tip 4 - Double protection for fragile items
Bubble paper can be used as a large buffer for fragile and fragile items. If there is a gap in the box, it should be packed with rags, newspapers, etc. to prevent shaking.


Safe Moving Tip 5 - Organize Furniture Parts Properly
If there is some deformable or disassembled furniture, you must carefully store the parts to avoid the furniture being scrapped due to loss in the future.


Safe Moving Tip 6 - Pre-empty drawers
Any furniture with drawers such as wardrobes, desks, etc. must be emptied and double-checked to ensure easy and easy transport.


Mini Storage Introduction
As an all-round town that has been developing for many years, Tsuen Wan also has a variety of shopping malls and cultural and entertainment facilities. It is really very livable! And Tsuen Wan even has a mini storage with considerate service!


There are two branches of our One Storage in Tsuen Wan, ready to serve you!

  • King Wah Branch (14/F, King Wah Industrial Warehouse Building Phase 2, 216-218 Texaco Road, Tsuen Wan)
  • Wah Hing Branch (Unit A & D, 7/F, Wah Hing Industrial Building, 2-6 Ma Kok Street, Tsuen Wan)


Our One Storage has 40 branches all over Hong Kong! The all-weather constant temperature system and security equipment in the mini storage ensure the safety and status of customer items at all times, so that you can safely store all household debris in the mini stroage unit! Safety is definitely our first consideration. The design of the storagestorage unit is absolutely in accordance with various fire protection and safety requirements, so that guests can feel at ease!
Do friends in Tsuen Wan have the trouble of insufficient storage space? Don't miss the limited offer from One Storage !


One Storage, your choice of mini storage.

✅ 24-hour easy access at any time
✅ 7x24 smart security access system
✅ HD security monitoring and alarm system
✅ Comply with latest Fire safety guidelines 
✅ Constant temperature air-conditioning system 


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