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About Tuen Mun
Tuen Mun is one of the earliest developed places in Hong Kong. Its history can be traced back hundreds of years. Historical documents have recorded the word "Tuen Mun" for hundreds of years. "Hai Mun" is not only the earliest recorded place name in Hong Kong, but also hundreds of years earlier than the word "Hong Kong" itself. Neolithic cultural relics have been unearthed in So Kwun Wat and Lung Kwu Tan in Tuen Mun District. It proves that this place may be the earliest inhabited place in Hong Kong.


The terrain of Tuen Mun is surrounded by mountains on three sides, surrounded by Castle Peak and Jiu Jing Mountain. It is a natural haven. Therefore, people have settled down in the early development of Hong Kong. The area around Castle Peak Bay (now Sansheng Market) is an early settlement, and Tin Hau Temple (ie Tuen Mun Old Market) and Tuen Mun New Market were the town centers at that time.


But time has changed. With the process of Hong Kong from a fishing village to a light industrial town, and then to a financial center, many changes have taken place in Tuen Mun, which has witnessed the continuous changes in Hong Kong. Basically, Tuen Mun's business and life core are in the new town. The development has been moved to Tuen Mun Town Centre.


Now, Tuen Mun city center has the special advantage of being convenient for living and being close to the natural environment. It has also become a favorite place for many people to buy and settle down. Are you one of them? Whether you already live in Tuen Mun or are planning to move into Tuen Mun, don't miss our guide to moving into Tuen Mun!


Tuen Mun Properties

Tuen Mun has always been an ideal city for many people to settle in, so there are more and more real estate projects. Let us share some recent projects in Tuen Mun for you:


Tuen Mun Property 1-Royal Cove Royal Cove
The project consists of a six-storey residential building and five four-storey bungalows. The strata units are designed with 2 to 3 bedrooms, while the bungalows are designed with 4 bedrooms, providing a total of 27 units. The project is close to the Gold Coast and Gold Coast shopping malls, and there are bus and minibus stops nearby, which can directly reach the city center of Hong Kong Island and Kowloon.


Tuen Mun Properties 2-OMA by the Sea
The project consists of two ten-storey residential buildings, providing a total of 517 units. The usable area starts from 330 square feet, and most of them are two to three-bedroom designs. The project is close to the Gold Coast and Castle Peak Bay.


Tuen Mun Property 3-Regency BayI/II Regency BayI/II
The project is divided into two phases. The first phase is a 27-storey residential building, with partitions and designs ranging from open-plan to three-bedroom, with a usable area of ​​254-692 feet and a total of 263 units.


The second phase is a 24-storey residential building. The president provides 406 tiered residential units. The interval and design range from open-plan to three-bedroom. There are standard units, terrace units and top-floor characteristic units.


Careful decoration design
In the past, people's pursuit of decoration may be good to be able to use it, but now everyone's requirements for living standards have improved a lot, and as a place to rest after a hard day's work every day, everyone has higher requirements for its decoration design. , How can we create a home full of characteristics, let us teach you!


Careful thoughts on decoration design 1-Adjust the style with everyone
Large pieces of furniture such as sofas, dining tables, etc. are the main factors that determine the overall style. If you don’t want to be too monotonous, you can try new furniture that mixes different styles, colors, materials, or functions. If you are looking for a retro style, you can also try to refurbish and reuse some furniture full of old Hong Kong colors for a more retro feel.
Decoration design ideas 2-Use small furniture to enhance the style of the home
After setting the overall home style, you can use some small furniture to create some unique charm or small details for the home, such as some small coffee tables, coffee tables or turntables.


Decoration design careful thinking 3 - make good use of walls
The background of the wall is also a place to show the design ideas. Compared with a blank space, setting up bookcases, display cabinets, etc. can show the owner's interest and taste, and reduce the dullness of the wall. If you want to be more artistic, you can also place some hanging paintings, pendants, etc.


Decoration reminder
Many people have experience in decorating their homes. You may have heard a lot of reminders about prices and materials, but this time we want to share some small details that you may not usually pay attention to, but actually affect the moving process!


Renovation reminder 1-move the house as early as possible in the morning
Try to start moving in the morning, because being the first customer of the moving company can avoid many accidents, such as: the mover has lunch longer than expected, and he is late due to the delay of the last order. Driving during non-peak hours after 9:30 am to before noon can also reduce the chance of encountering traffic congestion and avoid traffic jams that hinder the journey.


After the things are transported to the new house, it takes a lot of time to manage and organize the house. The sooner the move is completed, the more time there will be to clean up the house at night!


Renovation reminder 2 - pay attention to the weather and avoid rainy days
Generally speaking, Hong Kong’s spring and summer are rainy seasons, and rainy days will make the moving process more troublesome. Therefore, before moving, remember to pay attention to the weather report and try to avoid rainy days. Even if it is really unavoidable, it can be arranged in advance. Good handling route, it is best to cover the entire route.


When packing the items, you can also use waterproof plastic wrap to cover the outside of the box of valuables, and you can also pre-pave the paper on the new house to avoid soiling the floor.
Renovation reminder 3-packing should be organized
Remember that when packing things, don’t just consider the capacity. As soon as you see an empty space, you will not stop plugging it. In fact, you should also pay attention to the weight of the box. Especially when packing up square objects such as books and boxed items, it is easy to fill the whole box. When too much stuffed, the total weight of the box can be exaggerated! It's easy to have an accident when it's finally moving.


In addition, you can store a pile of newspapers before moving the house. Precious and fragile items, cups, dishes, scissors, kitchen knives, etc. should be wrapped in newspapers to reduce the chance of accidents.


Renovation reminder 4 - clean up before moving in
Schedule a full day of cleaning before moving in. Because the furniture and sundries fill the entire space after the move, it is difficult to clean many corners and corners in depth!


Tuen Mun hiking route
Many people have complained that living in Hong Kong is too boring, and it is difficult to get in touch with nature every day. But friends who live in Tuen Mun are lucky! Because there is a lot of natural beauty nearby waiting for you to discover:


Tuen Mun Hiking Route 1 - Leung Tin Au Gorge and Ha Bai Nai
Starting from Leung King Plaza in Tuen Mun, it takes about an hour and a half to arrive at Leung Tin Au Canyon, which is called the "Hong Kong version of the Grand Canyon", but it is often mistakenly called "Pineapple Mountain". In fact, "Pineapple Mountain" is the top of the mountain opposite the canyon, so many people are mistaken.


The scenery of the canyon is rare in Hong Kong and must be unforgettable. On the way down the mountain, it takes about 45 minutes to walk to the Xiabai mudflat. Many people will take pictures and check in here, hoping to take precious photos like the "mirror of the sky"!


Tuen Mun Hiking Route 2-Qiandao Lake Qingjing Terrace
Starting from Huangnidun Village, walk 10 minutes to Yangjia Village and go up the mountain to start the route of Qiandao Lake Qingjingtai, and Qiandao Lake Qingjingtai is actually Da Lam Chung Reservoir, because there are different hills and islands in the pond. Hence the name "Qiandao Lake". Reservoir is the main famous scenic spot in Tai Lam Country Park. The nearby picnic trails extend in all directions, leading to Tai Tong, Siu Lam, and even the area of ​​Sham Tseng in Tsuen Wan.


Mini Storage Introduction
Tuen Mun is indeed a good place to live. If you want to move to this area, you must face the process of moving house and decoration. If there are too many clutter, can you handle it? Mini storage is your good helper at this time. ! So the mini storage information in Tuen Mun, you must not miss:


If friends in Tuen Mun District want to find a useful and reliable mini storage, One Storage must be a good choice for you, and there are also two branches in the district:


Tung Ming Branch (located at 1, 4 & 5/F, Tung Ming Industrial Building, 3 Sun Yat Lane, Tuen Mun)
Hoi Cheong Branch (located at Room 10/F, Hoi Cheong Industrial Building, 4 Ho Tin Street, Tuen Mun)
One Storage wholeheartedly hopes to provide quality service to every friend who has storage problems! Whether you want to temporarily store the sundries, whether you are moving or renovating, or do you want to store too many household items for a long time? One Storage Supreme Mini Storage can help you. We have nearly 30 branches in various districts of Hong Kong. It is convenient to rent whichever district you live in. We also support you to withdraw and store items all day long. It is up to you when you want to deposit in the morning and evening. ! It is also guaranteed to meet the fire regulations and mini storage requirements, so that you can rest assured!


Customers want to know the most suitable mini storage type to avoid waste? One Storage official website provides a space calculator, as long as you enter the information according to the instructions, the computer will help you calculate the required storage type!

Friends who are moving house decoration don't miss it! One Storage is now a limited offer!





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