How mini storage help keeping Hi Fi safe


Many men are very interested in audio, but do you know how to keep your audio in a better condition? Here are some tips!

Watch out for dust

Dust is one of the main causes of stereo malfunction, because too much dust will easily block the cooling holes of your stereo, which needs to dissipate heat. If the heat dissipation function of the stereo is affected or blocked for a long time, it will shorten the life of the internal parts and may even cause the circuitry of the stereo to burn out.


Avoid Humidity

Humidity is a big problem for all electrical and metal products, and it will accelerate the aging of different parts of the stereo, resulting in sound quality degradation, moldy cones, oxidized parts, corrosion and rust, and other malfunctions and problems.


Volume Control

Turn down the volume when you turn on the external speaker. If you don't pay attention to it, and the volume reaches the highest level instantly when you turn on the speaker, it will generate a very high current inside the speaker, which may shorten the life of the speaker or even destroy the circuit.  


It's not easy to move the stereo, but it's common for Hong Kong people to move house and renovate their homes, so will you worry about affecting your favorite stereo? If you are also worried about storing your favorite stereo when you move house or renovate your house, you can also read Jadon's story:


Jadon wanted to ask the staff at One Storage Store to help him solve his problem of renovating his house. He has a home theater space ready to be built, and if the pre-purchased audio equipment is left at the construction site, it will be easily damaged due to the negligence of the workers.


Even if there was no collision, the room was often covered with dust during the renovation, and if the dust flew in accidentally, it could easily damage the equipment and affect the quality of the sound system.


After thinking about it, it would be safer to put it in the renovation warehouse! Jadon was introduced by a friend, he rented a One Storage for only HK$800 per month! Although it was his first time to rent a mini storage, after the staff's detailed explanation and guidance, he decided to rent a mini storage at the first time, and ordered a truck to move the purchased audio equipment to the mini storage.


If you want to rent a mini storage like him, One Storage can help you!


One Storage has a total of 40 branches in different districts of Hong Kong, providing professional services at any time! Not only long-term storage of goods, in fact, short-term moving house, renovation of the storage services are also helpful! The storage is equipped with constant temperature and security system, so that your stereo, furniture and treasures can be in a stable and safe environment!


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