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Time is passing by. It turns out that Yijia has entered autumn. The most important thing in autumn is to stretch out in the suburbs. The weather in autumn is not too hot and not too freezing, so it is suitable for outdoor activities. It’s popular to go to camping. Not many parents will bring their children, and the whole family will go to Camping to have fun with their children, so when it comes to the holidays, the camp will be filled with many children. But if you want to bring children to go, you will have more problems, such as: going to camp, taking a baa to camp, preparing for a baa activity... So this time I will Introduce a campsite suitable for parent-child camping. It is the Tsuen Kam campsite. It is a campsite in Tai Lam Country Park. The environment is quiet and the forest is lush. You can see the scenery of Tsuen Wan and Tsing Ma. The most important thing is convenient transportation. Take bus No. 51 from Tsuen Wan and get off at the "Tai Mo Shan Country Park" station. It takes 5 minutes to get there. There are also fixed water sources, toilets, barbecue grills... It’s convenient for moms and dads to take care of their children! In terms of outfitting, they are actually the same as adults' equipment, except that they have twice as much space. You have to be prepared for a camping trip, but you don’t want to rent it. It’s not always hygienic. However, Camping depends on seasonal activities. ! The camping equipment is enough for drying, but it is necessary to bury the children in the wild, no matter how many houses and enterprises have no place to put the most ideal way is to use a mini storage to deal with the drying in one go!


If you want to buy the best quality mini storage company, you can buy One Storage! The One Storage mini storage is fully equipped, and all comply with the fire protection and mini storage safety regulations, in order to provide the best quality and safe storage service for the mini storage than many customers. And One Storage regularly offers limited-time discounts. If you live in Western District, Tuen Mun, or Tai Po, you can enjoy it, because Yi Jia One Storage has the best discounts, and the mini storage branches in the above places If you want to know if there is a One Storage branch near your house, or if there are other discounts, you are welcome to visit the website of One Storage. In addition, the location of the Qudi branch is very convenient. There are MTR, bus, and minibus routes covering it. It is even more convenient to carry large and heavy camping supplies. If it is too heavy, you can use the trolley inside the storage unit to help~ If you have no idea about renting a large and small mini-storage, you can use the space calculator on the One Storage website~


Nearing the end of the summer vacation, the talker took advantage of the start of school and did not have much homework to do, take, take, and return to Camping first! After watching the introduction of the editor, do you want to bring children to camp? The introduction of the favorite editor is more like like ~~~



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