Mini storage | If it is not cardboard or plastic, cardboard is most suitable for mini storage and moving


Whether you are moving a house or a self-storage project, cardboard is the best material than plastic packaging items. Pay attention to this when preparing to move, because the items you want to remove from the warehouse are in the same state as when they entered the warehouse. Facts have proved that cardboard can keep your items in better condition, especially for a longer period of time, and it is still the material of choice for moving houses.

In OneStorage Supreme Mini Storage, we provide tenants with the space needed to move, organize, travel and complete a series of other storage projects. We know that their success depends on every step of the moving process, including the materials they use for storage. . Here, we study the pros and cons of using cardboard and plastic to package your items for storage.

What is the most suitable for transportation?

The best way to transport many items in a house truck is to pack the items as closely together as possible. The tighter the item is packed, the less movement is allowed, and subsequently, the less likely the item will roll over during transportation. Carton boxes come in various sizes, but if you buy from a supplier, they should all maintain the same basic size-only the height will change to fit more things in the box. Due to the basic dimensions, the cardboard boxes are very suitable for stacking closely together. Each box is square, which means there will be no gaps between the boxes. We can't say the same thing to plastic boxes. The appearance of plastic boxes usually has an angle, or has protrusions and grooves, or the lid has a lip, or some combination of these, which will leave a gap in your cargo. The void not only wastes space, but also makes the goods easy to move. The situation with plastic bags is worse because they do not have a stable shape, making them very difficult to stack together. In addition, plastic bags are easily torn, exposing their contents to potential damage.

What is more general?

It is okay to use cardboard to protect the top of the table. Don't turn the cardboard into a box, keep it flat, put it on the table, protect the surface of the table, and stack more items on it. Similarly, flat boxes can be used between glass or stone tops, or under terracotta flower pots or concrete statues, so that these items are also protected. In addition, the plasticity of cardboard boxes is not available in plastic boxes. The versatility of cardboard can accommodate items with weird shapes. The top of the carton can be folded at a certain angle to provide extra space for odd-shaped items so that you can stick your head out of the box. Cardboard can also be cut into new shapes to accommodate more odd-shaped items. The versatility provided by cardboard gives it an advantage over plastic.

What is best for maximizing space?

As we mentioned above, the cardboard boxes are more closely integrated in the load of the truck, and this is also true for your self-mini storage. Plastic containers often have protruding lips, angles, ribs, etc., making your load uneven and messy with gaps between items. When you try to maximize the space of your unit, factors like these will increase rapidly and spend a lot of space. The cartons are designed to be stacked tightly and safely, taking into account space efficiency; plastic boxes do not have the same success rate, and plastic bags are very inefficient in saving space and protecting their contents. If you want to make the most of the mini-storage space for storage, then cardboard is your choice.

What is best for the item?

A clear disadvantage of using plastic buckets or bags is the material itself: plastic is not breathable. If anything, even the slightest dampness, is stored in plastic, then condensation will cause mold. This is the single most important reason. In most cases, avoid plastic mini-storage storage.

Of course, there are some specific items where plastic is a better choice, but this is mainly limited to mattresses and box springs. Some items, such as gardening tools, can be covered in plastic (to prevent tool dirt from spreading throughout the locker), but even so, it is just a covered item, with some space for air circulation through.

Most of your storage items should be placed in cardboard boxes, because they can allow the contents to breathe more, greatly reduce the possibility of mold growth, and increase the possibility of your items coming out of storage, and entering storage The state at the time is the same.

After moving into the mini storage, what is the best?

After its use, cardboard is superior to plastic. Plastic boxes have only one shape, and only one shape. Whether they are full or empty, they occupy the same space. The cardboard box, on the other hand, can be broken down and flattened again. If you store these items for future use, then the space occupied by the cardboard box is only a small part of the plastic bucket, because they can be flattened.

On the other hand, if you don’t plan to store these things for future use, then cardboard still proves to be superior: cardboard is recyclable and easier to dispose of than plastic drums.

When it comes to mini-warehouses to move your storage items, load them in your unit, and protect their lives in storage, cardboard is a better choice than plastic almost all the time. Even after you use it during your move and mini-storage, it turns out that cardboard is better for future use or even disposal than plastic.

OneStorage introduces you various types of mini-warehouse handling and storage supplies, from boxes and packaging to bubble bags and paper, to mattress covers and so on. We are very happy to help you make the right choice for your storage project. This includes suggestions on the most suitable packaging materials for your move.

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