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Release Date : 10-01-2019


Mini Storage - Useful tips to help you store, organise and prevent damage easily


There are a few ways to keep your mini storage organised. While it's easy to put clutter into your mini storage, getting things in the right order can help you keep things in order in your newly rented mini storage.


Using a few plans at the beginning and providing a few key items can go a long way to making it easier to access everything in your mini-warehouse and remove everything from storage during your stay.


Do this in an organised way at the end of your Mini Storage tenancy. Pack before you move You can find four simple items at any stationery shop to help organise the storage process: coloured polka dot stickers, blank paper, a sturdy waterproof box or container and sticky notes.


First, use blank paper and sticky notes to allocate and mark the layout of your mini storage unit, placing items that need to be used regularly at the front and items that are not needed (such as furniture) at the back. Next, create a colour system that groups all items together so that you can easily identify the contents of a box without having to open it.


For example, you could place pink dots on kitchen items, red dots on important papers and green dots on items that need to be easily found. Pack your items in groups in waterproof containers and label them with the appropriate polka dots. When you're moving house mini storage prepare important items, records and documents for moisture.


There are four basic items you can purchase to store your belongings safely: plastic sheets, metal or plastic shelves, large soft cloth covers and sturdy packing tape. To avoid damage from flooding, you can place smaller boxes on organised shelves with the coloured polka dots at the entrance facing the entrance.


Ideally, wrap the box completely in packing tape to prevent pests from getting inside the valuables. Plastic sheets provide another layer of protection and can be placed on shelves and boxes. For furniture, it is best to cover them with a soft cloth to reduce the risk of mould or mildew caused by moisture.


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