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I believe that everyone has seen the price comparison in the market. The same fish, vegetable and meat can have a lot of price differences in different regions and different places, which is really amazing. And all the savvy consumers will definitely do price comparison and comparison in advance, and then find the most suitable market and shop for patronage!


Frugality has always been a virtue. For everyone's future and family, "saving one more mosquito" is definitely worth appreciating! But have you ever thought that in addition to buying food, the price may vary according to the region, in fact, the mini storage also has different prices? Now let us share relevant information about One Storage!


Hong Kong:

The area with the lowest average price per square foot is Siu Sai Wan, and the highest is Sheung Wan and Western District.



Avg price per square foot

Siu Sai Wan


Sheung Wan and Sai Wan


North Point


Wong Chuk Hang


Chai wan



One Storage Hong Kong branch:


Chai Wan District:


Wanfeng Branch

Address: Room C, 6/F, Man Fung Industrial Building, 7 Cheung Lee Street, Chai Wan


Chai Wan Centre Branch

Address: Room B1, 14/F, Chai Wan Centre Industrial Building, 20 Lee Chung Street, Chai Wan


Little West Bay Area:


Prince Branch

Address: 4/F, Prince Industrial Building, 5 Xin Yip Street, Siu Sai Wan


Senlong Branch

Address: Room B, 7/F, Senlong Industrial Building, 11 Xin Yip Street, Siu Sai Wan


Wong Chuk Hang District:


Yihua Branch

Address: Room A&B, 3/F, Yee Wah Industrial Building, 56-60 Wong Chuk Hang Road, Hong Kong


Richie branch

Address: Unit A, 14/F, Ruiqi Industrial Building, 18 Wong Chuk Hang Road


Kennedy Town:


Cheung Hing Branch

Address: 9/F, Cheung Hing Industrial Building, 12P Smithfield Road, Kennedy Town


Kowloon District:

The area with the lowest average price per square foot is Yau Tong District, and the highest area is Mong Kok and Tai Kok Tsui.



Area avg price per square foot

Lai Chi Kok


Mong Kok and Tai Kok Tsui


Kwun Tong and Ngau Tau Kok


Diamond Hill and San Po Kong


Yau Tong


Hung Hom and To Kwa Wan



One Storage Kowloon branch:


San Po Kong District:


Lijia Branch

Address: Room CD, 9/F, Lijia Industrial Building, 8 Ng Fong Street, San Po Kong, Kowloon


Jiejing Branch

Address: Unit A, 3/F, Chik King Industrial Building, 114 King Fook Street, San Po Kong, Kowloon


Yau Tong District:


Huahui Branch

Address: Room A, 1/F, Wah Fai Industrial Building, 4 Sze Shan Street, Yau Tong


New Territories:

The area with the lowest average price per square foot is Tuen Mun District and the highest is Tsing Yi District.



avg price per square foot

Tsuen Wan


Tsing Yi


Tai Po


Yuen Long


Kwai Fong and Kwai Hing


Kwai Chung


Shatin and Fo Tan


Tuen Mun




One Storage New Territories branch:


Tsing Yi District:
Tsing Yi Industrial Centre Branch:


Address: 5th & 7th Floor, Block D, Phase 2, Tsing Yi Industrial Centre, 1-33 Chesa Road, Tsing Yi


Tsuen Wan District:


Jinghua Branch

Address: 14/F, Phase 2, King Wah Industrial Warehouse Building, 216-218 Texaco Road, Tsuen Wan


Huaxing Branch

Address: Room B, 7/F, Wah Hing Industrial Building, 2-6 Ma Kok Street, Tsuen Wan


Kwai Fong and Kwai Hing Districts:


Mei Shi Branch

Address: Room B, 3/F, Mei Shi Industrial Building, 1-11 Kwai Ting Road, Kwai Fong, New Territories


Guifeng Branch

Address: Room B, 8/F, Guifeng Industrial Building, 9-15 Kwai Cheong Road, Kwai Hing, New Territories


Kwai Chung District:

Profitable branch

Address: Room D, 2/F, Lee Industrial Warehouse Building, 16 Ta Chuen Ping Street, Kwai Chung


Tongzhen Branch

Address: 2/F, Block A, Tung Chun Industrial Building, Phase 1, No. 9-11 Cheung Wing Road, Kwai Chung


Tuen Mun District:


Tongming Branch

Address: 1, 4 & 5/F, Tung Ming Industrial Building, 3 Sun Yat Lane, Tuen Mun, New Territories


Kaichang Branch

Address: Room A, 10/F, Hoi Cheong Industrial Building, 4 Ho Tin Street, Tuen Mun


Tai Po District:


Taiping Branch

Address: Room A&B, 4F, Tower 2, Taiping Industrial Centre, 55 Ting Kok Road, Tai Po


Fotan District:


Future Branch

Address: Room H-J, 6/F, Future Centre, 5-7 Wong Chuk Yeung Street, Fo Tan, New Territories


Cosmos Branch

Address: Room AB, 3/F, Universe Industrial Centre, 19-25 Shan Mei Street, Fo Tan


Hip Hing Branch

Address: Room D, 14F, Hip Hing Industrial Centre, 27-31 Au Pui Wan Street, Fo Tan, Shatin


Warwick Branch

Address: Room C, 3/F, Warwick Industrial Building, 1-7 Wo Heung Street, Fo Tan, New Territories


In fact, when looking for a mini storage, you need to consider not only the region and price, but also the quality and supporting facilities! Therefore, the most shrewd way to rent a mini storage is of course to find our One Storage.


We have branches in Hong Kong, Kowloon and the New Territories, a total of 37 for you! The safety of guests and items is our primary consideration, so we are strictly required to do a good job in fire prevention and fire protection! The official website has a space calculator and a branch map to provide information on storage items. The space calculator can easily calculate the storage space you need, and the location distribution and price information are clearly provided on the official website. All important information is prepared for you early in the morning, so you can get it! If there is anything else you would like to know more about, please feel free to contact us at any time!


Be a shrewd consumer, and be astute in renting a storage unit! Look out for a limited offer on One Storage!


1. The shock price of the selected mini storage is $399 (minimum pre-payment is more than 6 months, the number is limited, the promotion period is until 31/03/2022);

2. There are other various sizes and preferential combinations, which are more flexible for monthly payment;

The above offers are applicable to new customers of all branches and cannot be used at the same time.


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