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Things to Consider Before Renovating





All kinds of home are the reflection of your own life and heart, because everything in the home will be different according to your living habits, preferences, life stages, etc., just like a family with children, the design of the home will obviously not be like the life of a married couple family. Friends who collect toys may not necessarily have the same demand for home settings as friends who like to collect sneakers, so the different aspects of the home are the life of the people living in it.


Nowadays, people's requirements for living standards are getting higher and higher, which is also reflected in home decoration. Compared with the previous attitude, people now have different requirements for home decoration, such as Nordic style, industrial wind, minimalist wind, etc. But no matter what style you want to create, decoration must be indispensable, but the difficulties in the decoration process will definitely make many people feel troubled, so our One Storage has prepared a lot of information about decoration, and hope to help you!


Things to Consider Before Renovating

Things to consider before decoration 1- Make the best use of it and don't waste it
Everyone’s budget for home decoration is different. If you want to keep the cost down, you must make the best use of everything. For example, some of the decorations of the owner are still quite new, such as floors, spotlights, furniture, etc. You might as well think about making the most of everything. , In fact, as long as many old things are clean, they are not far from brand new, and making good use of them can save a lot of related costs. At the same time, friends who rent a house should pay attention to and negotiate with the owner before the decoration. Some owners may not allow the tenant to carry out too large decoration.


Matters to be considered before renovation 2-Price everywhere
For home decoration, you must find relevant design and decoration companies. If you want to find the most suitable service and price, it is best to find several companies for quotation. Different companies may have quite different decoration procedures or styles. The most suitable decoration service for you.


Item 3 to consider before decoration - first find a designer or a decoration master?

The designer will be responsible for the interior design, material selection and other related work. The professional design of the designer can make the best use of every inch of space, but of course, the designer's fees vary, so make a good budget.

The decorators generally do not provide interior design drawings, and basically decorate the unit directly according to the requirements of the guests, but they normally have a lot of knowledge about materials, water and electricity, etc. You can also get some reference opinions from them.


Item 4 to consider before decoration - pay attention to the quotation table carefully
The decoration is most afraid that there will be additional charges and the production is different from the initial account. In order to avoid the situation that there is no proof after the start of construction, the owner is better to extract a detailed quotation from the decoration company, and clearly list the detailed rules

and all charges. Please refer to the following items for special attention:

How to calculate material cost and decoration cost
Material size, quality, brand, color, etc.
Various furniture sizes, materials, styles, etc.
Estimated completion date and post-renovation services, etc.


Things to Consider Before Renovation 5 - Consider Future Needs When Renovating
The decoration cost tens of thousands of small, and hundreds of thousands of dollars in large. Of course, I hope that there will be no major changes or any problems in the next ten years. If you want to use home decoration properly, you must consider the long-term situation in the future, such as the needs of organizing your family and children, etc., and you should also consider future maintenance expenses. Durable furniture and decoration materials may save money in the future. a lot of expenses.


Item 6 to consider before decoration - careful inspection
After the decoration is completed, everything will be fine, and you will be done with peace of mind to receive the goods? There is another very important point you should pay attention to, that is, you must inspect the building after completion! Renovation is a big project. There are too many places to pay attention to or have the chance to go wrong. It is recommended to comprehensively test all the accessories of the home, such as electrical installations, water pipes, door hinges, wardrobes, etc., the level of the floor and the state of the wall. It is also very important. It is best to check the goods from the beginning to the end before receiving the goods, and communicate with the decoration master as soon as possible if any problems are found.

Introduction of decoration platform

What worries many people about decoration is that it is not easy to find a reliable decoration company that meets their requirements. Now many online decoration service platforms provide customers with different types of matching services for this:


Introduction of decoration platform 1-EcHouse
EcHouse provides different decoration examples on its website, you can learn more about housing estates in different places, decoration needs, costs and finished products required for design style and area, which can be used as a reference. At the same time, matching of decoration services is provided, and relevant free quotations are basically available online. The platform will also provide quotation analysis, regular inspections during decoration, and witnessing the signing of contracts together.


Decoration platform introduction 2 - good master
Good Master is also a Hong Kong decoration matching platform. In terms of matching, the platform promises to arrange appointment matching within 24 hours, free door-to-door within 3 days and provide quotation within 5 days. The platform will also provide follow-up support after the project is launched, and there will be a maintenance period after the project is completed, and customers can obtain relevant support. The website also provides articles on different cases and decoration styles. Different cases have listed relevant reference fees and finished product sharing, you can refer to them.


Decoration platform introduction 3-Master Yi
Shifuyi is also a decoration platform. The platform will provide basic scales and quotation services, and then you can sign contracts and build. After the platform, there are also related follow-up services such as dispute resolution and customer ratings.


Decoration design ingenuity
Whether it is a designer or a decorator, they always assist you to complete the design and decoration of your own home. The actual user is you, and many small ideas in actual use or arrangements that need attention are still up to you to consider and decide. , seeing this, let's take a look at the little reminders we shared with you:


Decoration design ingenuity 1-consideration of kitchen lighting
In fact, kitchen lighting needs to be considered separately for two purposes. One is the lighting of the basic kitchen, just like general house lights; the other is the lighting for washing, preparing and cleaning. The placement of the lights should take both of these needs into consideration.

As for the selection of lamps, it is best to use waterproof lamps, and the wiring connection should also be treated with waterproof and insulating materials to prevent moisture from entering and causing danger.


Decoration design ingenuity 2- kitchen utensils material selection?
Wooden products such as wooden cabinets are more easily affected by heat and moisture during cooking than stone or iron products, resulting in cracking, deformation, decay and other problems. In the selection of kitchen curtains, cloth curtains should also be used as much as possible, because cloth products are quite difficult to clean after being contaminated with oil.


Decoration design ingenuity 3-anticipate future storage needs
Is it just right to put all the old things in the new home? It is rare to do a major renovation. In fact, the storage space should not only meet the storage needs when you first moved in, but should reserve or create more space, and reserve a space for the new household sundries in the future, which can be reduced later. troubles.


Decoration design ingenuity 4-bedside light switch
Every time when the weather is freezing, many people must be very distressed to get out of bed and turn off the lights before going to bed. In this case, why not consider installing an additional light switch near the bedside of the room, so as to avoid resting in bed until sleepy, Often have to get out of bed to turn off the lights.

A good helper when decorating-mini storage

The decoration is ready, and I have found a decoration company that meets my needs, but there is still a problem that will trouble many people, that is, where should the original sundries be placed? Whether you are renovating your existing residence, or renovating a new house and preparing for a new residence, this problem is unavoidable. In fact, renting a mini storage can solve the above troubles, let's see why:


Practical reasons for mini storage 1-Avoid confusion when decorating
During the renovation, the masters will come and go, and they will bring a lot of tools. During the construction, a lot of dust will be raised, which is already quite chaotic. If you want to place some sundries or furniture on the road, it will inevitably bring about the whole renovation process. Lots of trouble. If you rent a mini-storage, then store all the items in it in advance, and take it out at one time after the renovation is completed, which is naturally more convenient for the decoration master and yourself.


Practical Reason 2 for Mini Storage - Protect Valuables
No matter how carefully you pack or pack your valuables, there is a risk that anything will get damaged or lost during the chaotic process of decorating, so it's up to you to store them in the mini-storage first to prevent any damage. If something is damaged or lost, protect yourself and the decorator.
Reputable and reliable, well-furnished partner-One Storage

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