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I believe that friends who do business and run a company will know that many company documents are actually kept for seven years, but the amount of documents in seven years can be countless. Inconvenience and trouble, many business friends may be very distressed by this. And we understand this, so we have prepared the following to give you a brief introduction to the causes and consequences of saving files and how to make saving files easier!
required by law
In fact, the need to save different documents is mainly to meet the legal requirements for business in Hong Kong. The two types of documents that need special attention are tax declaration-related and employment-related. The following are some simple sharing. (The following information is for reference only, please ask professionals and consult government documents for details)
1-Tax Documents Required by Legislation
Section 51C of the Inland Revenue Ordinance requires every person who carries on business in Hong Kong to keep all income and expenditure records (in English or Chinese) for at least 7 years so that the government can assess tax more easily, without reasonable excuse for failing to comply with the relevant requirements will be fined.
Required by law 2 - Employment records
The Employment Ordinance also requires employers to keep relevant information and employment records of all employees. If employers fail to comply with relevant regulations without reasonable excuse, they will also be fined. After the employment relationship ends, the employer may only retain the personal data of the former employee for a period of not more than 7 years (unless the employee agrees).


Paper storage related
Although we are in the electronic age, in many cases, some official documents still need to be preserved in paper form. There are always many things that need to be paid attention to in preserving paper documents. The following are some points to pay attention to.


Paper Preservation Related 1-Storage Environment
The environment for storing paper documents must be dry, away from windows, away from sunlight, and away from all indoor water pipes. The temperature and relative humidity in the environment should be kept stable. The temperature should not exceed 24 degrees Celsius, and the humidity should be kept at Fifty to fifty-five is the best, low and stable ambient temperature and humidity are very helpful to maintain paper quality.

At the same time, the shelves for storing paper documents are also knowledgeable. Steel shelves with protective coatings are the best choice, because wood products themselves may have problems such as moisture and insect damage, and at the same time, they may release harmful substances to paper. Acidic, so wooden shelves are not a very good choice. If you really want to use a wooden shelf, try to put the items at the bottom of the document to separate it from the wood. At the same time, it is best to put a protective cover on each document to reduce the chance of the book directly touching the wood and air.


The final conclusion is that a good document storage environment must do a good job of stable management of temperature and humidity, maintain air and ventilation circulation, and do not stack other sundries, especially food.


Paper Preservation Related 2-Paper Characteristics
All papers, regardless of their quality, are easily damaged by high temperature and high humidity environments, so documents are best placed in protective folders or boxes for protection.


The paper product itself must contain a lot of cellulose. On the one hand, cellulose will always absorb moisture, causing the paper to swell, deform and get wet. After the paper becomes wet, it will be contaminated with different dust and dirt, which will cause the document to change color, with water marks and deformation. Wait. On the other hand, mold can decompose a large amount of cellulose in the paper into sugar after it is wet, absorb it and grow again, so the paper is very prone to mold in a high humidity environment.


From the above information, it can be seen that paper is a very fragile substance that needs to be carefully preserved. The temperature, light, dust, dirt and humidity in the storage environment will greatly affect the long-term preservation of paper, so the environment for storing paper documents should be carefully considered. 


Paper Preservation Related 3-Pests
For many insects, paper is actually a nutritious food. Therefore, when considering the storage of paper documents, it is necessary to prevent various pests. There are several very common paper pests that you should pay attention to, because an inattentive pest will destroy the document. The food is eaten and destroyed completely, so the anti-insect must be done enough.
The most common paper pests in Hong Kong are cockroaches, silverfish and book lice. Most of them will slowly eat the paper little by little, and finally eat through a piece of paper. On the one hand, they will eat the organic matter in the book, such as the paste or other additives in the paper, and the book lice are mainly attracted by the mold on the paper, so when the environment is humid, the mold that grows on the book will attract a lot of Booklice.


The damage done by cockroaches and silverfish to paper is very close, so we can only observe the insect excrement left around the injured paper to determine whether it is affected by cockroaches or silverfish respectively. For example, the excrement of silverfish is sharp and thin , At the same time, there will be some silver powder, and most of the excrement of cockroaches is longer and thicker.


Secondly, the problem of termites is very common in Hong Kong. Termites are relatively uncommon, but the harm of termites can be said to be the most terrible and difficult to solve among so many pests. Because termites feed on fiber, termites eat up all paper documents. Termites are mainly divided into ground-dwelling type, dry-wood type, and ground-dwelling type. The characteristic of termites is that they will have ant soil or ant road within their activity range. Dies slowly, and the characteristic of ground-dwelling termites is that the excrement is very sand-like and can be checked and paid attention to regularly.


Paper preservation related 4-periodic inspection
No matter how you make perfect preparations, as the years go by, many environmental factors will change. Therefore, when storing documents, it is necessary to regularly and carefully check the place where the paper is stored. Check the ambient temperature, humidity and surrounding environment. No pest signs such as cocoons, eggs and excrement.



The benefits of mini storage
It should be the direct idea of ​​many business friends to store documents directly in the office, but in fact, it will bring a lot of trouble to store documents in their own office. It is very likely that it is not good to rent a mini warehouse as a document warehouse. See you With this, you might as well take a look at the following advantages of using the mini storage as a file storage, and take a look at it!


Advantages of mini storage 1 - does not occupy the office
As the name implies, the office is used for office work. In fact, it cannot hold too many documents. In addition, Hong Kong is very expensive and the rent of many Grade A commercial buildings is very expensive. It is actually not cost-effective to use the office space to store documents. In addition, people come and go in the office. First, people's activities may leave garbage, which will affect the document storage environment. Second, there may be risks in security. By storing the files in the mini storage, you can store the files centrally without fear of occupying the precious space in the office.


Mini warehouse advantage 2 - long-term constant temperature
Although normal offices will have air conditioners, the problem is that most offices will only turn on air conditioners during office hours. In the morning, evening and holidays, paper documents are stored in an environment without long-term constant temperature. In addition, Hong Kong's summer is very long, humid and hot, which will definitely cause serious damage to documents in the long run. Nowadays, some mini warehouses will do a long-term constant temperature to ensure that the temperature and temperature in the warehouse are absolutely stable.


Mini Warehouse Benefit 3 - Open 24/7
Although it may seem very convenient to put documents in the office, in fact, there may only be a short period of time in the year when these documents are suddenly and intensively used, but in fact, most offices are not open outside office hours. As soon as you have to file a tax return or have related legal issues and need to check the documents urgently during the holidays, it is possible that the documents will be stuck in the office and cannot be taken out, which will lead to serious consequences. However, nowadays, some mini-warehouses are open 24/7 and support guest withdrawals and deposits 24/7, allowing guests to withdraw or store documents freely at any time, giving you more flexibility when needed.


One Storage Extreme Mini Storage
At the end of the day, Hong Kong is very expensive, and how to make good use of every inch of space really needs to be carefully thought out. If you are also troubled by the company's storage of documents, and understand the benefits of renting a mini-storage as a document storage, you should be looking for it. A mini storage that can provide the above advantages! In fact, business friends, One Storage Extreme Mini Storage is just the right choice for you!


One Storage has many branches, 37 of which are located in Hong Kong, Kowloon and the New Territories, providing you with considerate service 24 hours a day! One Storage Extreme Mini Storage provides a space calculator on the official website, allowing you to calculate the storage space you need from different aspects, and then cooperate with the different size storage types we provide, so that you can make a budget as soon as possible and according to your own needs. Rent a suitable size warehouse, and use up every inch of space in the warehouse without fear of wasting.


At the same time, the design of One Storage Extreme Mini Storage Strictly complies with various fire protection and safety requirements, and the storage of documents or other items is guaranteed to be safe. At the same time, there is a 24-hour constant temperature and security system in the warehouse, which is most suitable for different companies to rent as a document warehouse. We also support customers to withdraw and deposit at any time, and it is very convenient to withdraw or check documents at any time! For customers who need to store documents, the considerate and attentive One Storage Extreme Mini Storage is definitely your good choice!




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