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Although everyone saw Doctor Strange in the last Spider-Man movie, it has actually been 6 years since the first episode of the original story of "Doctor Strange", but all Doctor Strange fans don't be afraid, soon The second episode of Doctor Strange - Doctor Strange 2: Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is coming! It will continue the content at the end of the last Spider-Man, and play the multiverse!


Although no one knows how the story will develop, you can still share some of the content that has been released in the trailer, let's guess the story together!


Doctor Strange devotes himself to researching the power of the Time Stone after the Spider-Man movie story, but a former friend becomes an enemy, unleashing the power of evil! In the preview, we can even see the appearance of Professor X, Scarlet Witch and Zombie Wanda! In the multiverse, there is another Doctor Strange, in order to bring back his dead girlfriend, he has evil thoughts and absorbs the power of different monsters in time and space to become the evil Doctor Strange!


A new chapter, new characters, friends who love model collections are naturally looking forward to it, because there will be new models! But there are also points for model storage, our One Storage is ready to share with you in different articles!


Strong light can damage models

No matter what kind of model (such as Figure, PVC model, Gundam model, etc.) basically plastic products cannot be exposed to sunlight or strong light for a long time! If glue products are exposed to light for a long time, the glue will become fragile and the color will change. So in fact, when considering how to place and display your beloved model, avoid the location exposed to direct sunlight; if you want to install small spotlights to make the model look more attractive, you should also choose LED lights that do not produce heat.


However, there may not be enough space in the home, and the environment may not be suitable for storing toy models. Do you want to miss the beloved Doctor Strange model? !


Our One Storage can help you, it is convenient to collect and treasure!


We have a large number of branches, a total of 37! Convenience guaranteed! One Storage also equipped with a 24-hour constant temperature system to ensure that all your model collections will not only be protected from sunlight, but also not afraid of the humid climate of Hong Kong, and will always maintain the best condition! Feel free to store all the models and toys in the One Storage , so you don't have to worry about any damage to the collection or occupying the home storage space!


If you love the model, you should also pay attention to the storage environment! One Storage is now launching a limited offer to help you!




One Storage, your choice of mini storage.

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