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At present, many families renovate regularly to keep their homes in a new and safe environment for a long time. However, many Hong Kong families live together for several generations. In the decoration design, the special needs of the elderly must also be considered before this can be achieved. Real home security!


Elderly need 1- Corridor and door

Some elderly people may need to use walking frames or wheelchairs. Therefore, sufficient space must be reserved when decorating and designing corridors and passages throughout the house. At the same time, handrails can be installed in some narrow or turning places to facilitate the elderly to move. Sliding doors can also be considered for different doors in the home. The elderly do not need to make too much effort to open the door and will not be hit by the door.


Elderly Needs 2 - Watch out for corners

Elders are more prone to falls. If you want to avoid accidents, you can round all the corners of your home during decoration, so that even if the elderly accidentally bump into it, it will not cause too much damage.


Elderly Needs 3- Toilet Design

The toilet is a black spot for many elderly-related accidents. The slippery surroundings can easily cause the elderly to fall. Therefore, handrails are very important. It is best to have handrails around the toilet and shower to make it safer for the elderly to sit or shower. . Temperature is also an accident-prone point. It is recommended to install a constant temperature device in the bathroom, so that the elderly will not have too much body temperature fluctuation after bathing, and they are not afraid of catching a cold in winter.


Seniors need 4- Furniture Package

The design of furniture can be more thoughtful for the elderly. For example, the corners of all furniture can be customized to form rounded corners to avoid accidents. On the hinges of various cabinet doors, it is recommended to use buffers and hinges that move slowly to prevent the elderly from accidentally pinching their fingers or even hurting their joints.


As the saying goes, "there is an old man in a family, if there is a treasure", the security chief of the elderly in the family must be very important to everyone. Maybe you want to renovate your home to add these safety facilities, or will you give more consideration when renovating in the future? This is very good, but the storage problem during decoration is very troublesome, will it affect you? In fact, don't be afraid, if you are decorating for a short-term storage, you will be guaranteed no problem if you find One Storage !


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