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✨A box can be as high as $5000, do you count for renting a house?

Every once in a while, I will see that some people cause family conflicts because their other half collects toys, models, etc., and even throw away a lot of treasured models on the street than the other half, which is completely rubbish. This kind of news. It will appear once in a while. Don’t look at the small toys. Whether it is a collection of model comics or a collection of dolls or buried dolls, people who know how to play will see it as a collection, which is invaluable. If the family doesn’t know the most, they will be regarded as ordinary decorations. Why would it involve family discord?

Don’t look at small boxes of model toys and burying an old and an old furry doll. They are not very detailed. In Hong Kong, which is a place where there is a golden ruler, they are stored and they are indeed. Luxury, if you live in a two-person world alone or in a tightly slacking two-person world, it is not a big problem, but it is because of the lack of space in the family, which is really a fuse.


✨The sundries that increase rapidly, and the space where the speed of light disappears? Mini storage is here to help, 👉🏻 There are 40 One Storage branches locations in Hong Kong, all of which comply with the latest fire protection regulations.
Everyone always has a good collection in mind. Others call it miscellaneous items, which are their treasures. However, since they are collections, they don’t have to pick them up all the time, so they should be treated well. Mini storage is a good one. Choose, for example, models. Today, the models are getting bigger and bigger. There are electroplated editions and collector editions. There are more and more styles, and the more space is needed.


✨How to choose a suitable mini-storage? 👉🏻 Introduce this space calculator. By automatically calculating the sundries, you will know how much space it occupies, which corresponds to the size of the mini-storage you need.

I have an elder who has collected a lot of cameras for many years, but they take up a lot of space. Large, thin, telephoto, wide-angle and macro lenses are different, plus various tripods, light stands, large and thin flashing lights, etc., become a long-term One of the family quarrels is that if there is a mini-storage, there is no trouble. Constant temperature and humidity control must be better than housing enterprises. In fact, if you put the collections in the warehouse, there is a feeling of going to a secret warehouse or a VIP store. You may wish to try it.


✨Want to know if there are any mini storages nearby? 👉🏻 Can see it:

It is very important to choose a mini-storage, constant temperature and humidity control, pay attention to compliance with fire regulations. The editor once visited a mini-storage that was not qualified for fire protection. Suddenly, it was necessary to carry out fire-fighting works, so I quit the rent and told me to go. Because they didn’t have a place for me, so be sure to ask before you go to the mini-storage. Comply with fire protection regulations.


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