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Having a hobby for fun in your usual boring life is definitely a bit of a sweet spot in life!


And if there is a hobby that requires space in the house, it can be a real headache. For example, a piano alone can take up a lot of space in the house. Another example is a seasonal sport, such as skiing and surfing, which is a waste of space when there is no room to play.


In fact, there are many examples, such as models, war games, remote control machines and so on, that need space. In Hong Kong, we have a lot of people, so there may not be enough space in the house, and sometimes we have to compete for space with the people in the house, so this is the time when mini storage can help you!


Choose a mini storage unit that suits you and create a fun place for yourself. Mini storage is a definite hobby saver!


However, everyone's definition of a suitable mini storage is different, but for the sake of hobbies, the following points are essential to note.


Safety: Everyone who buys or stores items for a hobby doesn't want to see them damaged. Although Hong Kong is free from natural disasters such as earthquakes and tsunamis, fire and humidity, which are most likely to occur on a daily basis, are the natural enemies of Hong Kong storage. Fire and moisture protection systems in mini storage are areas to look out for.

24-hour access: Hong Kong people do not always have the time to do things, sometimes they may close late at night, or they may have a sudden whim and just want to go play with their toys, so whether mini storage can be freely accessed at any time is a factor to consider.

Location: Even if the mini storage is safe and accessible, no one will rent it even if it is one flight away from their house or to Taiwan, so location is important.


Based on the above three points, One Storage Mini Storage can help you! With nearly 30 shops throughout Hong Kong to choose from and easy access to all of them, all of them comply with fire safety regulations and rules, and are accessible 24 hours a day, with a temperature-controlled air-conditioning system.


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