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You may want to know that your belongings are safe and protected. Consider what happens when the same valuable collection sits on a bookshelf, in a garage or in an attic. Invariably, the collection will start to gather dust and may be damaged if it is exposed to a rusty metal stand. In this case, mini storage with climate control is the way to go.


Air-conditioned mini storage can hold everything, all year round!


Constant temperature mini storage? Non-constant mini storage?

Mini storage is usually divided into two categories - non-constant and constant temperature storage. Usually in non-constant mini storage, most items are stored with some protection. This means that your storage space will be affected by the outdoor temperature, depending on the location, floor and area of the building in which the mini-warehouse is located.


When do I need to rent a temperature-controlled mini storage unit?

As you get to know your mini storage better, you may ask: "Do I need a mini storage unit? The answer is: not necessarily. If you have items that are particularly sensitive to temperature changes, or just want to make sure your items are kept in good condition, then consider a temperature-controlled mini storage unit. If you only need to store these items for a few weeks, skip the thermostatic mini storage option depending on the season and where you live.


What are the benefits of constant temperature storage?

There are many advantages to constant temperature storage, including.

Protection from extreme temperatures: You don't want your belongings in a room that is above 100 degrees or below freezing. A temperature-controlled mini storage unit will prevent such temperature fluctuations from damaging your belongings.
Optimised air quality: temperature-controlled mini-warehouses often have better air circulation because they are not sealed in the same way as non-constant mini-warehouses. The higher air quality in these temperature-controlled mini-warehouses is ideal for storing electronic products.
Reduce the risk of major damage: If you store your valuables in a garage, basement or attic, the extreme temperatures can cause damage and the cost of repairing the damage can be prohibitive. Mini-warehouses can prevent these accidents from happening, giving you peace of mind. You no longer have to worry about important documents being damaged or wooden furniture warping or breaking, and you can be sure that your items are in good condition.


What can I store in my mini storage?
Generally speaking, the more delicate or valuable your belongings are, the more you should consider renting a temperature-controlled mini storage unit, including

- Wooden furniture
- Toys
- Documents
- Electronic items
- Collectible artwork
- Items with high memory value


Remember: even constant temperature mini-warehouses are not suitable for certain types of items


For example, certain types of artwork, wine or other items requiring a narrower temperature range may not be protected in a temperature-controlled mini storage facility. If you are unsure of the appropriate environment for a particular item, it is important to consult a professional to determine what type of environment is required to protect the item from damage or natural wear and tear.


Where can I find constant temperature mini storage?

There are many mini storage units available, but ask what temperature they are kept at so you can be sure your items are protected in mini storage. Find a One Storage mini storage near you today - we'll be happy to help you find the right one for you.


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