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If you live in Hong Kong, where space is at a premium, you may not have enough living and storage space for a long time, and you can't afford to wait until you've replaced your home in a few years. Fortunately, even in space-starved Hong Kong, it is much easier (and cheaper) to find a place for your belongings at home than to rent a flat. Even better, competition in the mini storage business has intensified over the past few years, with over a hundred mini storage brands to choose from in the tiny city of Hong Kong alone.


Mini storage tip 1: How do I get the best rental price?


Generally speaking, the least expensive and smallest mini-warehouses usually sit between $400-$500 per month. In order to get a better price, it is often necessary to submit a few months' rent for mini storage. However, as with renting a flat, the rent you pay will fluctuate depending on the time of year. Mini storage is usually more expensive in the summer as more people rent storage for winter clothes. To reduce the cost of renting, try to keep the rental period as long as possible - the longer the rental period, the lower the monthly rate is likely to be. For example, when you rent a mini storage unit for six months or longer, the rate can be reduced by up to 20%. Of course, the location of the mini-warehouse is also important - mini-warehouses located far from transport links are often more affordable than those in the city centre.



Mini storage tip 2: Can I easily get my things from the mini storage?


This depends on the location of the storage unit. If you are using your mini storage as a wardrobe, or need to use it regularly for other reasons, then you should definitely rent mini storage in the city centre. Conversely, if you are renting mini storage just to store furniture, documents or equipment that you won't need next year or in the future, then you have the flexibility to choose. Depending on your specific needs, you should also consider whether the mini-warehouse has a 24/7 access system, cargo trolleys and trolleys to facilitate the delivery and storage of your belongings.



Mini storage tip 3: What if I want to cancel my mini storage lease?


Renting a mini-warehouse is a lot like renting a flat: you need to give the tenant some notice before the lease ends, usually between 21 and 30 days. If you are moving out at the beginning of the month, ask if the tenant can prorate the rent, i.e. charge you for part of the month rather than the whole 30 days.



Mini storage tip 4: Will my storage be exposed to light?


Although no one is suggesting that you use your mini-warehouse as a warehouse for high temperature and humidity requirements such as grain storage, to save yourself the worry that your items will freeze in winter or dissolve in summer, be aware that mini-warehouses should be temperature controlled in a similar way to most commercial buildings.



Mini storage tip 5: How safe is mini storage? Can I give a friend a key and get my stuff?


Any mini-warehouse should have a comprehensive security system in place, especially if the tenant has free access with a single card, so that visitors are restricted and strangers are not allowed to enter. If necessary, you can even ask the mini-warehouse to provide, or purchase with the merchant, locks with a higher level of security.


Mini Storage Tip 6: Do I need a ladder to get to my mini storage?


In Hong Kong, with so little land and so many people, space naturally moves upwards, and so does mini storage. In order to make the most of every inch of space, some mini storage units are often two to three storeys high, and although higher units usually have lower rents, you need to consider the purpose of the mini storage. If it's full of winter clothes you don't wear, then go for it, but if that giant sofa doesn't fit the door of your new house, then you should rent the lowest level of mini storage.



Mini storage tip 7: Can I insure my stuff?


Usually, if the items stored in a mini-warehouse are relatively expensive, you will be advised to take out personal insurance. Of course, there are also some mini-warehouse rental plans available in the market that include an insurance element.



Mini Storage Tip 8: How much space can I rent?


Before renting any mini-warehouse, you should visit the site to check out the environment and see if the storage facilities are suitable for your storage needs.



Mini Storage Tip 9: What are the additional things I need to be aware of?


Depending on the size of your mini storage unit and the length of your lease, some mini storage units may offer a free removal service to help you move items into your mini storage unit, such as larger furniture or bulky items.



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