How home decoration fit with your audio

Many men are very interested in audio, but do you know how to keep your audio in a better condition? Here are some tips!


Watch out for dust
Dust is one of the main causes of stereo failure, because too much dust can easily block the heat sink of your stereo, which is very important for heat dissipation. Therefore, if the heat dissipation function of your stereo is affected or blocked for a long time, it will shorten the life of the internal parts and may cause the circuit of your stereo to burn up.


Avoid Humidity
Humidity is a major problem for all electrical appliances and metal products. It will accelerate the aging of different parts of the stereo, leading to sound quality degradation, moldy cones, oxidation of parts, corrosion and rusting, etc.


Volume adjustment
Turn down the volume when you start the external speaker function. If you do not care, a start on the volume instantly to the highest, will produce a very large internal current, at any time shorten the life of the speaker, and even circuit burn.  


Audio is not easy to move, but Hong Kong people moving and renovation is the norm, will you worry about the impact on your beloved audio? If you are also worried about storing your stereo when you move or renovate, you can also read Jadon's short story.


Jadon chose mini storage! Redecorating is a joy. But it's a headache when you think about the messy furniture and the items that will be made when you decorate.


He had a home theater space to build, and if pre-purchased audio equipment was left on site, it was easily damaged due to worker negligence.


Even if there is no collision, the room is often covered with dust during renovation, and if dust accidentally flies in, it can easily damage the machine and affect the quality of the audio equipment.


After thinking about it, it would be safer to put it in the renovation storage unit! Although it was his first time to rent a mini storage, he decided to rent a mini storage right away after the staff explained and guided him.


If you want to rent mini storage like him, One Storage can help you!


One Storage has a total of 40 locations throughout Hong Kong, offering professional services at all times! Not only for long term storage, but also for short term moving and renovation needs. The storage is equipped with constant temperature and security system, so that your stereo, furniture and treasures can be in a stable and safe environment!

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