Mini storage|How to store precious jewelry for a long time


How to store precious jewellery for a long time

Common jewelry materials are gold, silver, platinum, palladium, titanium, tungsten, stainless steel and diamonds. Rust is a thin layer of corrosion on the surface of a metal, and copper, brass, silver, and aluminum are the most susceptible metals to corrosion.


Therefore, please pay attention to the following points when preparing to store jewelry in the mini-storage.


Mini storage tip: What causes the jewelry to change color? How to prevent discoloration? It usually fades during a chemical reaction with the surrounding air (called oxidation).



Usually oxygen or moisture can cause this to happen, but it may also happen to jewelry that has been in contact with other metals. In order to prevent the metal from discoloring, there are a few things you can do:-Use anti-rust labels. Put the label together with the jewelry to slow down the process of fading. -Anti-rust cloth. Store the jewelry in a rust-proof cloth. Other common ways include:


-Spray polyurethane on jewelry.

-Apply clear nail polish

-Sprayed with rust-proof oily luster transparent crystal.



When storing jewelry, there are a few simple precautions:-First, use a soft cloth to completely seal all jewelry in an airtight container to ensure that there is no contact with each other to reduce the risk of metal scraping, especially diamonds. Will scratch gold or silver.


-To reduce the moisture content in the container, use a silicone bag to absorb the moisture in the container.

-Store in a place where the temperature is stable. When the temperature is not consistent, the jewelry will gradually fade.



Mini storage tip: Preventing discoloration is easier than cleaning. If you have some tarnished jewelry, you can restore them to their original state by the following methods:


-1/2 vinegar

-1 tablespoon salt

-1 tablespoon of baking soda

-A glass of boiling water


Mix everything except water and stir until it is no longer granular. Add water and stir, then add jewelry. Why does metal make your skin green or black? How to avoid it? Don't worry, the color change will not harm you or your jewelry. This happens when copper reacts chemically to the skin.


The way to avoid this is to use clear nail polish on jewelry and keep the skin dry. Should you buy insurance to buy jewelry when storing it in the mini-storage? Most policies do not cover the cost of precious jewelry, so you need to purchase a separate insurance.


It is best to contact your insurance company to discuss the best policy plan for you.


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