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The summer vacation is approaching, and the book fair is approaching. I believe that all students and book lovers are worrying about how to dispose of old books! , I want to buy new books at the book fair every year, but there is really no space in my small house, and throwing away old books is wasteful and not environmentally friendly... What should I do?



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4 ways to deal with old books
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4 ways to dispose of old books


1) Second-hand bookstore

At present, there are a large number of second-hand bookstores in Hong Kong that specialize in buying and selling old books. Some bookstores specialize in recycling student textbooks, and there are also consignment sales of comics for comic fans. Take the old books at home and sell them at second-hand bookstores.


However, in recent years, some second-hand bookstores only accept bleached books, and the returned books will be sold to readers at a cheap price, and part of the proceeds will even be donated to charities, aiming at Promote environmental protection and reading. If you want to find a good owner for your used books and don't care about the price, you might consider donating books to such second-hand bookstores.



2) Online Platform/Mobile App


If you want to earn some book money back, but don’t want to sell it to second-hand bookstores at a lower price, you can use online auction platforms, Facebook second-hand book groups, or Some mobile apps sell used books. The advantage of these platforms is that books are sold to like-minded people in need, and book prices can be freely determined.


However, these methods are often time-consuming. It may be necessary to make an appointment to sell a book, and there is a greater chance of encountering bad buyers. Of course, you can also use the courier service to deliver the books with the agreement of both parties; but please note that because the weight of the books is not light, the shipping fee for sending several books at one time is not cheap, and the additional cost will be borne by you or the buyer To pay, we must discuss it carefully.



3) Donate

In addition to second-hand bookstores that can donate used books, many voluntary organizations and charities in Hong Kong have set up used book recycling services. Recycling boxes are placed in various districts, and books can be donated anytime and anywhere. If you want to know more, you can go to the relevant website to check the information.


In addition, many large-scale old book recycling activities are held in Hong Kong every year, most of which are co-organized by voluntary groups and commercial organizations. They will collect a large number of books at shopping malls or collection points in various districts on designated days and sell them for charity.




4) Put it in the mini storage

As a book lover, I believe that there are many books that are difficult to give up, especially paper books, which may be of special significance to you and worth collecting. In addition, many old books will no longer be reprinted! If too many books are piled up at home, it is indeed a problem for the living environment. Improper storage will also breed bookworms, and damp will produce peculiar smells, which may seriously damage books……


Have storage troubles? How about asking for help from One Storage, and put books worth keeping in the mini-storage, which can be accessed 24 hours a day if necessary, which not only preserves properly but also saves space. If you have a large collection, renting a mini storage is believed to be your best choice!


One Storage has a built-in stable constant temperature and security system, so that books and other paper products will not be affected by moisture, temperature and pests! One Storage has branches in different regions of Hong Kong. There are a total of 40 branches to provide you with the most comprehensive and safe storage services!



spatial calculator


One Storage official website also has a space calculator to help you easily calculate the required storage space! One Storage provides different storage options, and the rental size and time are all available, learn more now!


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