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Release Date : 06-07-2022


The last ten years of hero movies have been constantly bringing new surprises to everyone, and Thor, who has not been in the story for a long time recently, is also ready to attack again! It is said that the goddess of Thor will appear in the movie! Are you also ready for the new story of Thor: Love and Thunder?


After a final battle that affects the whole universe, the heroes of the first generation all have different endings, and Thor, the god of thunder, who has experienced many storms, also embarks on a journey hoping to find his own peace. Who knows that after retreating for a while, "God Slayer Gehr" suddenly appeared to challenge all the gods in the universe, so he was forced to come out again for Thor Thor, ascend the throne of Asgard and fight against "God Slayer Gehr". "!


It is said that in the story of this chapter, the Valkyrie Valkyrie, the Krona star warrior Korg, and Thor's ex-girlfriend Jane will all help Thor, and Jane has unexpectedly become the "Goddess of Thor" who can wield Thor's hammer. "! In addition, the Interstellar Alien Attack Team will also kill Thor halfway to support Thor!


It's also time for us to set out with them to the endless interstellar space, not only to understand the actions and origins of "God Slayer Gehr", but also to successfully stop his crazy plan!


It is said that this time the story will expand the world view of the hero movie universe and bring out the story of the Protoss. It is really exciting and looking forward to it! Many friends will also collect the models of different characters in the hero movie universe. A whole wonderful world view adds a lot of fantasy and fun to our ordinary life! In addition, there are many stories in the hero movie universe, and each character has multiple types, so everyone really wants to take it home! However, the living space in Hong Kong has always been small, and many people also face the problem of insufficient storage space! Don't say that you want to live bigger, even if you want to buy an extra model, you may not have enough space to store it, which is really embarrassing. In fact, it is better to come to our One Storage Extreme Mini Storage and learn about the high-quality storage services.


One Storage has 37 stores in total. In fact, storing toys and models is not a child's play. In many cases, a dry and safe environment is required to properly store various toy models. The One Storage Extreme Mini Warehouse is equipped with an air-conditioning and constant temperature system, plus safety and legal-compliant packages, allowing you to store with peace of mind and worry-free!




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