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When it comes to moving, although we have mini-warehouses to store large furniture and miscellaneous items, when it comes to storing mattresses, I believe we all feel the headache. It is not only because of the huge size of mattresses, but also because most people are willing to invest in high quality mattresses and may keep expensive mattresses when moving or renovating.


In developed countries, the average human life expectancy is 78 years. In that time, we spend: 26 years sleeping 10.3 years working 3.66 years eating 1.25 years doing housework Of all the time we spend sleeping, it is important to keep your mattress in the best possible condition so you rest well each night.


Tips for storing your mattress Sleeping on a damaged mattress can lead to a host of health problems. Try these tips when storing your mattress: Need to move? Contact One Storage Mini Storage Moving House today Disassemble the bed: When disassembling the bed, secure all screws, nuts and bolts by placing them in a plastic bag and taping them to the frame or headboard.


Cover the bed frame and headboard with an old blanket to keep dust out during transport and storage. Clean the mattress: Make sure you clean the mattress thoroughly before moving or storing it. Use furniture cleaner on the actual mattress and then vacuum the sides.


When moving the mattress, hold the side of the mattress well for moving, because on the one hand, it will be easier to make force, and on the other hand, it will reduce the damage to the mattress. At the same time, do not fold the mattress when moving it, because it is made up of a large number of springs and cotton materials inside the mattress, and folding it will cause damage. If you have to bend the mattress in order to carry it due to the tightness of any doorway, entrance, corner, etc., you should only bend it slightly.


Use a mattress cover: Use a lightweight and breathable plastic mattress cover to cover the entire mattress. Store it in a thermostatic storage unit: If the mattress is to be stored for a long time, the thermostatic temperature will keep it clean and protected all year round. Store the mattress flat in a storage unit: This is actually the opposite of most storage tips. It is possible to move the mattress in place, but when it comes to storing the mattress, it is best to store it flat, as the coils and internal components may shift from sitting on their sides for long periods of time.


When moving house, you can also consider renting mini storage for mattress temporary storage to reduce the chance of mattress being affected, One Storage is a good choice for you to move house for temporary storage.


One Storage has opened branches in many districts in Hong Kong, with a total of 40 units for the convenience of different customers in each district. Mattresses are used for many years and are an important part of sleep, so it is important to store them. Mattress and clothing and other cloth products may also be affected by humidity and temperature and yellowing and damage. Therefore, One Storage, which has a long-term constant temperature and a safe and stable indoor environment, will be a good helper for you whether you move to a temporary storage facility or rent it for a long time!


If you would like to know more about mini storage rental and storage, please click here to learn how mini storage can save you time, money and space.



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