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Release Date: 18-05-2019


Although the population of Hong Kong using mini storage is increasing day by day, many users have little knowledge of mini-storage storage. To make the best use of a mini storage, it takes a certain amount of skill to reach the realm of usefulness. It's not as simple as filling the entire space with objects without leaving any gaps. To do well, we must "put it well and get it."


Unless you are using the warehouse during the renovation period, the average user does not actually have too many large furniture/home appliances. Usually the most common are seasonal clothes, items used by children (for commemorative and collection purposes), and collectibles such as albums/ Sports shoes/toys, of course, there are also some electrical appliances that are used irregularly at home.


First of all, we must classify the items. Of course, the nature of the items must be separated into boxes, even if the items belong to the commodity type or the collectible type. For example, the clothing of the editor has always been divided into two seasons: spring and summer and autumn and winter. There are several party dresses in each season, and they are worn less than 1-2 times a year. These party dress editors will be stored separately and put into collectible series in your mini storage.


The second is to arrange the frequently used and the less frequently used in order. Needless to say, the unused ones are placed at the bottom of the most in-depth mini storage. The most commonly used is placed on the outside, which can avoid moving out and in every time you take things. Many users have a fallacy: as soon as the item is placed in the bottom of the warehouse, it is equivalent to announcing the status of "until the heaven and earth disappear" because it is too difficult to take it out again. In fact, as long as there is a method, the editor boldly speaks, nothing will be too far away from you.


Carton, shelf and pallet are your helper for your mini storage 


It is recommended to store items in cartons. Plastic bags or red, white and blue bags are not recommended. Anything that can be put in a carton will be stored in a carton. First, the cartons are relatively rigid, easy to fix the position of the items, and better protect the stored items. Second, use cardboard boxes to store more neatly. Third, the characteristic of carton is moisture absorption. Although our mini-storage is a 24-hour constant temperature air-conditioning, there are still many mini-storages without air-conditioning on the market. Moisture protection is a top priority for them. Moreover, the carton must have a tide front, usually with a label on this side, listing the contents, and helping to extract the items afterwards. Of course, "there is a hand tail" is also very important. After the things are used up, they are put back in their original positions and it is just as easy to find them later in the mini storage.


There is an advantage to using shelf storage. No matter how high or how high it is, you can easily take out the items you need. Each shelf has different load-bearing capacity. The shelf of the Supreme Mini Storage can carry 150KG per layer, that is, 2 men. the weight of. You can put the shelf into the side position of the warehouse, and put the unused items into the shelf.


When shelf storage is arranged on the three sides, if there are no items in the middle of the mini storage, it would be a waste of space; if it is full, won’t the items on the rear shelf be out of reach? At this time, the cart is the most helpful. Most people may not touch pallets often, and they are usually used only when moving houses for renovation. In fact, it is a super secret skill to use the mini storage on the pallet! I like to put a pallet at the bottom of each carton, which is super convenient to push in. Moreover, each pallet is tens of dollars, but the load-bearing capacity is super high, and each frame will not be broken after a long time.


In this way, users can fully use up every corner of the mini storage and can easily access it!


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