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Although the number of people using mini storage in Hong Kong is increasing, many users have little understanding of mini storage. It takes a certain amount of skill to make the most of a mini-storage and make it work. It is not just a matter of filling up the entire space without leaving a single gap. To achieve good we must "put well, get". 
Unless you are renovating your home, you don't have too many large furniture/electrical appliances, usually the most common items are seasonal clothes, children's used items (for memory and collection purposes), collectibles such as photo albums/booties/toys, and of course some appliances that are not used regularly. 
First of all, we have to classify the items, the nature of the items should be separated into boxes, even if the items belong to the daily necessity type or collectible type. For example, the editor's clothing has always been divided into spring and summer and autumn and winter 2 seasons, each season there are a few pieces of party dress, less than 1-2 times a year. These party dresses will be collected separately, into the collection type series. 
Next is the order of the commonly used and not commonly used. Needless to say, not commonly used put the most into the surface of the storage unit bottom. The most commonly used put the most outside, so that you can avoid every time you take something to move out and move in. Many users have a fallacy: once the items are put into the bottom of the storage unit, it is immediately declared "until the disappearance of the sky and earth" state, because it is really too difficult to take out again. In fact, as long as there is a way, I dare to say, nothing will be too far away from you. 
Cardboard boxes, shelves and carts are good helpers for your mini storage 
It is recommended to use cardboard boxes to store your items, not plastic bags or red, white and blue bags. Anything that can fit into a cardboard box, the editor will use a cardboard box for storage. First, the carton box is relatively hard, easy to fix the location of the items, better protection for the stored items. Second, the use of cardboard boxes to store more neatly. Third, the characteristics of the cardboard box is moisture absorption. Although our mini storage is 24 hours constant temperature air conditioning, but there are still many mini storage without air conditioning on the market. Moisture is of paramount importance to them. And there must be a side of the carton moisture front, usually in this side will be labeled, list the contents, to help later extract items. Of course, the "hand end" is also very important, after the use of things put back to the original location, and then find the same easy. 
There is a benefit to using shelves for storage, no matter how much weight you put on them, you can easily take out the items you need, each layer of shelves has a different weight capacity. You can put the shelves into the side of the storage unit, and put the unused items into the shelves. 
When the 3 sides of the location are well laid out shelves storage, mini storage in the middle if you do not put things that much wasted space; if you put full things, then the rear shelves on the items can not get it again? This time the crate is most helpful. General people may not often contact the crate, it is usually moving house renovation to use it. In fact, the crate in the use of mini storage is a necessary secret skills! I like to put a cart at the bottom of each building cardboard boxes, push out and push in super convenient, and the cart each frame is a few dozen dollars, but the weight is high, each frame and use a long time will not be bad. 
So that users can fully use every corner of the mini storage can also easily access it! 


You already know the technique of using 100% of the mini storage space perfectly! But why are you still not using all the space in your mini storage? The root cause is probably because the type of storage you rent is not suitable for you! If you rent a storage unit that is too big, you will be embarrassed to use up all the space!


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