Mini Storage | Grandma's offensive and defensive battle

Release Date : 16-05-2021


When my grandma raided me, suddenly she was going to go to my house! Grandma's laser eyes swept, and the house warning flashed immediately! However, the real estate company is very big. If you want to make chaos and orderly organized, it is better to start first, rent back a mini storage with a monthly rent of HK$199, and quickly put out the clothes and household items that are not used in the house. Put it away, the house is big and tidy, and grandma's laser eyes surprised me again!
👉The most fashionable storage magic weapon:

12 square feet😊
It is suitable for placing 16 document boxes or 10 large cardboard boxes. For example, Office collects many old documents. Housing companies have a series of books, collections of comic manuscripts, vinyl records, and so on.

24 square feet😀
It is suitable for placing 70 document boxes or 40 large cardboard boxes. As a bicycle fan, you can place 4-6 bicycles, or you can place a wardrobe with the capacity. You may wish to consider it during the season!

36 square feet😎
It is suitable for placing 100 document boxes or 75 large cardboard boxes, and can also place enlarged objects, such as musical instruments, skis, water skiing equipment, etc. Since it's good to keep your heart in place, you can buy more and more after you see it!

48 square feet🤩
It is suitable for placing 160 document boxes or 100 large cardboard boxes. This is the largest warehouse, suitable for renting during home decoration. All large furniture and sundries can be stored, the most rocky "decoration transition period"!
The house is not in a hurry, but the Jiazhizun mini storage is tightly rented for 6 months and free for 6 months. Don’t wait for the goods!
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