One Storage|Mini Storage|14 must-do things to move a house


You are moving to a new home today! congratulations! This is an exciting time for you and your family. If you haven't done these things yet, it's best to be one step ahead before waiting too long! When you move to a new home, we have compiled some important matters for your reference.


One Storage Mini Storage Relocation Tip 1:
Taking photos of your new home in a vacant state is not only a good memory, but also useful when bad things happen in the future. It is necessary for home insurance to use the before and after photos as records. Or, your landlord needs to make sure that the unit looks like before and after you move. It is best to take photos of each room, pay special attention to the photos under the sink and outside the room, and save them to online cloud services for future use.


One Storage Mini Storage Removal Tip 2:
Clean the new home. Clean the new house like an old one. Before there is nothing, clean it from top to bottom. After all, you won’t know what happened to the house before you moved in. This will ensure that no matter what bacteria are in the house, all bacteria can be eliminated! First is the refrigerator, then the rest of the kitchen. Start at a high place, then move to a low place. After passing through the kitchen, move to the bathroom. Disinfect all areas to reduce the possibility of the spread of bacteria.


One Storage Mini Storage Relocation Tip 3:
Protect the new floor If it is not a carpet, put down the blanket to protect the floor from scratches, abrasions, and dents when moving furniture. Protecting the floor can maintain the life and value of the house.


One Storage Mini Storage Relocation Tip 4:
Consider the location of large furniture Before anything enters a new home, consider the location of large furniture. Before moving, the bed, sofa, table and dressing table should have a place. First of all, starting from here, it is easier to plan the space!


One Storage Mini Storage Relocation Tip 5:
Unpack the items taken out from the mini storage!
Now it’s time to unpack! Place the box in the designated area according to the category. (This is why we tell you to sort the items stored in the mini-storage into boxes.) This is the easiest and most effective way when you organize most of the items in your new house.


One Storage Mini Storage Relocation Tip 6:
Connect the device to the power supply of the refrigerator to allow time to cool down when the package is opened. Note: If the refrigerator is lying on its side during the movement, please ensure that it is placed upright for 24 hours before inserting it, because placing the refrigerator on the side may cause the compressor's oil to seep into the coolant pipeline.


One Storage Mini Storage Relocation Tip 7: Consider alternate accommodation If you arrive at your new home late at night, please consider staying in a hotel. A good rest is the promoter of production! If you choose not to stay, please make your bed before moving other items!


One Storage Mini Storage Relocation Tip 8:
Make the bed first. As mentioned earlier, if you decide to spend the night in your new home, please pull down and tidy the bed first. According to our experience, you will keep moving, and then some more, until you are exhausted. The bed is ready to catch you!

One Storage Mini Storage Moving Tip 9: Open the second package of children's things. Children need to feel like they are home from the beginning. If possible, please unpack toys and objects first. Bring special storage bags for toys and objects so that you don’t get the rest of the furniture and objects dirty when you move them.


One Storage Mini Storage Relocation Tip 10:
Use fabric or install curtains When you are ready to fall asleep, cover windows with fabric or install sun blinds. It may be very bright in the morning, so it is best to cover the windows to get a good night’s sleep.


One Storage Mini Storage Relocation Tip 11:
Know the location of the nearby garbage station. When you open the packaged items, you may accumulate a lot of garbage, so you should inquire about the garbage station near your residence in advance.

One Storage Mini Storage Relocation Tip 12:
Don’t have to rush to cook, reduce stress, order takeaway, tidy the house, and tidy the kitchen.


One Storage Mini Storage Relocation Tip 13:
be good to yourself! Once you feel that you are in a good place, celebrate! The hardest part is done. Go out to eat in a nice restaurant, stay at home and watch Netflix or take a short nap. No matter which way of celebrating, you can do it! You deserve it.


One Storage Mini Storage Relocation Tip 14:
Change of address If you need to change your address, please prepare in advance.


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