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Release Date: 10-01-2022


Moving a house is going from an old environment to a new one. It is of course very exciting to move an old house to a new one, but there are really countless problems to be dealt with before and during the move. If it is not handled properly, it will not only cause property losses, Even more troublesome may be that the moving process has been delayed again and again.
However, there are many things in life that will be exhausted. Without the hectic and hard work on the road to move, how can there be the moving and new life of moving into a new house later? On the way to move, we have prepared a lot of different tips for you with our One Storage Supreme Mini Storage!

Tips for preparing before moving

Tips for preparing before moving 1-prepare the packing sequence
Before moving, arrange the order of packing items afterwards. Some items, including chargers, tableware and necessary clothing, should be packed last. Don't pack everything you need every day into the box early!

Tips for preparing before moving 2- Sell or donate things you no longer need
Rarely, like moving a house, you will take out the entire house and inspect it once, so it’s time to put everything in order! Only pack the items that will be used later in the box. Don't bring the unused items to your new home. You can consider donating the items you no longer use to charities or putting them on online platforms for sale.

Tips for preparing before moving 3-Recycle batteries and electronic products
Do not throw away batteries and electronic products directly. The substances in batteries and electronic products are harmful to the environment, and it is difficult to properly dispose of them in general garbage dumps. Please send electronic equipment and batteries to a suitable recycling location.

Tips for preparing before moving 4-disassemble the furniture beforehand
Many furniture can be assembled and disassembled by themselves. Armchairs, coffee tables, glass tables and other items that can be disassembled and stored should be disassembled before moving to ensure that the moving process afterwards is smoother, and don’t lose any related items. Screws and assembly parts!

Tips for preparing before moving 5-Stop buying things one week before moving
Try to avoid buying new things a week or so before moving. Even for consumables such as toilet paper and food, it is better to use up what you already have at home.

Tips for preparing before moving 6-allocate time appropriately
You only pack and pack for about one to two hours at a time. Urban people live in a busy life. You should start preparing as much as possible. Don’t just pack crazy one or two days before moving and make yourself exhausted. If you arrange your priorities, everything will happen naturally. Handy!
Introduction of moving company/matching platform

It is not a simple task to always move. Even if you are ready, you still need the help of professionals, but there should not be too many people who have a lot of experience in moving houses! As a result, many people are very distressed every time they ask for help from a moving company. If you are also facing the same troubles, you should take a look at the following introduction!

Moving company introduction-mover
Home movers provide quotation channels on the Internet, telephone and APP, and the official website provides fees for different levels of service. If you need a reference price for half a car, a car, or other additional services, it is easy for you to make a budget and price.

Moving company introduction-GOGOVAN
GOGOVAN now has its "GOGO Moving" moving service. The service form is the same as GOGOVAN. It is the same as online contact to obtain quotation and exchange the required service content. At the same time, the company indicated that it will reply to quotation inquiries via WhatsApp within 24 hours.

Moving company introduction-Hong Kong moving
Hong Kong Moving House provides an online form, which can clearly indicate the type of furniture or items, and then get a quote. If the number of things to be moved is not large, you can also get a basic quote through telephone consultation.

Moving house matching platform introduction-Hellotoby
There are also some platforms for matching moving services. Hellotoby is a platform for matching different service providers and guests. If the demand for moving services is marked on its website, the moving company will take the initiative to contact and quote, up to 5 After contacting a moving expert, he then selects the service provider he thinks is suitable.
Communicating points with moving companies

After finding a moving company that you like, you still can’t just leave all the problems behind. Each situation is endless due to the geographical environment of each unit and surrounding area, plus the requirements for moving services. Similarly, in order to prevent misunderstandings in communication and charging, here are some points worthy of your attention:

Communication point 1-Charges for different days
In addition to cooperating with family members to decide the date of moving, you also need to explain clearly to the moving company. Because many moving companies provide different fees on different days, the cost of moving on Saturdays, Sundays or public holidays may be higher than usual. Therefore, it is necessary to communicate clearly with the moving company beforehand.

Communication point 2-there is an upper limit on the weight of the item
Many people will carefully explain the size when communicating with the moving company, but in addition to the size, in fact, some moving companies will also set an upper limit on the weight of each box. Items exceeding the upper limit may be subject to additional charges. Please communicate with each other. Pay attention.

Communication Point 3-Garbage Cleanup
If you want the moving company to help deal with the old and sundries that do not plan to move to the new home, the moving company has the opportunity to charge extra depending on the situation. Please communicate in advance to avoid misunderstandings.

Communication point 4-need to transfer several lifts
At present, some housing estates cannot be reached from the ground floor to the unit at one time. They need to transfer several lifts on different platforms. Some moving companies will charge additional fees for such situations. The situation and charges must be explained clearly when communicating.

Communication Points 5-Stair/Floor Number Calculation Method
Some old buildings do not have elevators. If you need to move the company to move items from the stairs to the unit, most of them will charge related fees. It is also necessary to pay attention to the definition of the floors and the number of floors by different companies. There are stairs or directly. As a calculation unit and other different standards, you must communicate clearly before using related services.

Communication point 6-valuables should be handled by yourself
The moving company is of course to solve the trouble of moving, but some valuables in the home are better to be handled or carried by yourself when moving. You can consider finding a suitcase to store items such as cash, jewellery and famous watches and bring them by yourself To the new home, avoid misunderstanding or embarrassment.

Communication point 7-record and count all items clearly
When packing is completed, it is necessary to count and record the quantity and type of items to be shipped later, and make an account with the decoration company, and then the relevant quantity can be checked again to reduce misunderstandings.
Moving house helper-mini storage

With different moving tips and help, there is actually one big tip you should pay attention to! In fact, renting a mini-storage can bring benefits to moving houses. Many people don’t know why a mini-storage can make your entire moving process more smooth and convenient. The following are the reasons:

Practical reason for mini-storage 1-avoid the chaos during the cleaning up of the new house
Even if you have moved to a new house, some cleaning is indispensable, but if you put all the things from the old house in the new house in one breath, it will be messy when you clean up. If you put some items in the mini storage first, move them little by little. When you arrive at your new home, you will naturally reduce the difficulty of cleaning up!

Practical reason for mini storage 2-protect important items from damage
Even if you pack your belongings carefully, starting from the intensive transportation process of moving house, any item has a certain risk of damage. Some items that need special protection, such as models, wine, etc., are even more so, so it’s up to you. It will be a safer choice to store these items in the mini-storage first, and then return the items to their original place after the entire moving and packing process is completed!
Reputable and reliable-One Storage Extreme Mini Storage

Ready to move, you also want to find a reputable and reliable mini warehouse? Our One Storage Supreme Mini Storage is the most suitable!

One Storage Supreme Mini Storage currently has a total of nearly 30 branches located in different locations in Hong Kong. Friends from any area can easily rent the One Storage Supreme Mini Storage service to deal with the trouble of placing items when moving.

All kinds of household items are suitable for storage in the mini-storage, because the One Storage extreme mini-storage strictly follows the fire protection regulations and the mini-storage guidelines, and is equipped with a constant temperature air-conditioning system in each warehouse to keep the space in the warehouse safe and dry. If you are afraid that the size of the warehouse is difficult to predict, the One Storage official website also provides a space calculation tool. As long as you provide information about the storage items, the system can help you figure out the warehouse type and make a good budget. You can also withdraw and store the items in the warehouse all day long, freely manage it according to the progress of your move, as you like! So One Storage Extreme Mini Storage will definitely be your good helper!
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