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Moving a house is moving from an old environment to a new one. Of course, it is very exciting to move an old house into a new house, but there are countless problems to be dealt with before and during the move. Even more troublesome may be the delay in the moving process.
However, many things in life will come to an end, without the hustle and bustle and hard work on the way to the house, how can there be a moving and a new life after moving into a new house? On the way to move house, we have prepared a lot of different tips for you from our One Storage !

Tips for preparing for the move

Pre-move Tip 1 - Get Your Packing Order Ready
Before moving the house, you should arrange the order of packing items afterward. Some items, including chargers, tableware and necessary clothes, should be packed last. Don't pack the things that you need every day into the box early!

Move-in Tip 2 - Sell or Donate What You No Longer Need
It's rare to take out the whole house and check it out like moving a house, so it's time to tidy everything up! Only pack the items that will be used later in the box, and don’t bring the unused items to your new home. Consider donating the items you no longer use to charity or put them on online platforms for sale.

Move-in Tip 3 - Recycle Batteries and Electronics Properly
Do not throw away batteries and electronic products directly. The substances in batteries and electronic products are harmful to the environment, and it is difficult to properly dispose of them in general garbage dumps. Please send electronic devices and batteries to appropriate recycling locations.

Move-in preparation tip 4 - pre-remove furniture
Nowadays, many furniture can be assembled and disassembled by themselves. Any items that can be disassembled and stored, such as armchairs, coffee tables, or glass tables, should be disassembled before moving to ensure that the subsequent moving process is smoother, and don’t lose it. Related screws and assembly parts!

Pre-moving tip 5 - Stop buying things a week before moving
Try to avoid buying new things a week or so before moving, even if it is consumables such as toilet paper and food, it is better to use up what you already have at home.
Pre-move preparation tip 6 - Allocate time appropriately

Only pack at a time, and pack for about an hour or two. Urban people are busy with their lives, so try to prepare in advance. Don’t pack frantically a day or two before moving to the point where you’re exhausted. If you arrange your priorities, everything will happen naturally. Handy!
Introduction of moving company/matching platform
It is not easy to always move a house. Even if you are ready, you still need to find professional help, but there should be not many people who have a lot of experience in moving houses! As a result, many people are quite distressed every time they seek help from a house moving company, they don't know where to look, and they have no opinions to refer to. If you are also facing the same troubles, take a look at the following introduction!

Introduction of moving company - moving expert
The moving house master provides online, telephone and APP quotation methods, and the official website provides charges for different levels of services. If you need a reference price for half a car, a car, or other additional services, it is easy for you to make a budget and price.

Introduction of moving company-GOGOVAN
GOGOVAN now has its "GOGO Moving" moving service. The form of this service is similar to GOGOVAN. It is the same as online contact to obtain quotations and exchange the required service content. At the same time, the company indicates that it will reply to quotation inquiries by WhatsApp within 24 hours.

Introduction of moving company-Hong Kong moving house
There is an online form for moving houses in Hong Kong, in which you can clearly indicate the types of relevant furniture or items, and then you can get a quotation. If the number of things to be moved is not large, you can also consult by telephone and obtain a basic quotation.

Introduction of Moving House Matching Platform-Hellotoby
Now there are also some platforms for house-moving service matching. Hellotoby is a platform for matching different service providers and customers. If the demand for house-moving services is indicated on its website, a house-moving company will take the initiative to contact and quote, and you can contact up to 5 Contact a moving specialist, and then choose a service provider that you think is suitable.


Communication points with the moving company
After finding the moving company you like, you still can't leave all the problems behind. According to the geographical environment of each unit and surrounding, plus the requirements for moving services, every situation is endless. Similarly, in order to prevent misunderstandings in communication and charging, here are some points worthy of your attention:

Communication Point 1 - Charges on Different Days
In addition to cooperating with family members, the decision to move the house also needs to be clearly explained to the moving company. Because many moving companies offer different fees on different days, the cost of moving houses on Saturdays, Sundays or public holidays may be higher than usual, so you need to communicate clearly with the moving company in advance.

Communication point 2 - There is an upper limit on the weight of the item
Many people will carefully explain the size when communicating with the moving company, but in addition to the size, in fact, some moving companies will also set an upper limit on the weight of each box of items. Items that exceed the upper limit may be charged extra. Notice clearly.

Communication Point 3 - Garbage Cleanup
If you want the moving company to help you deal with the old things and sundries that you do not plan to move to your new home, the moving company has the opportunity to charge additional fees depending on the situation. Please communicate in advance to avoid misunderstandings.

Communication point 4 - need to transfer several lifts
At present, in some housing estates, it is impossible to reach the unit from the ground floor to the unit at one time, and it is necessary to transfer to lifts several times on different platforms. Some moving companies will charge additional fees for such situations. The situation and charges must be clearly explained when communicating.

Communication Point 5 - Stairs/Floor Calculation Method
Some old buildings do not have lifts. If a moving company needs to move items from the stairs to the unit, most of them will charge relevant fees. It is also necessary to pay attention to the definitions of floors and floors by different companies. There are stairs or direct floors. As different standards such as units of calculation, it must be communicated clearly before using related services.

Communication Point 6 - Valuables should be disposed of by yourself
Although the moving company is to solve the troubles of moving house, some valuables in the home are best handled or carried by yourself when moving. You can consider finding a suitcase to store items such as cash, jewelry and watches and bring them to the new home by yourself. , to avoid misunderstanding or embarrassment.

Communication point 7 - Record and count all items
When packaging is completed, it is necessary to count and record the quantity and type of items that need to be transported later, and make an account with the decoration company. Afterwards, the relevant numbers can be checked again to reduce misunderstandings.
Moving Helper - Mini Storage
With different moving tips and help, big and small, there is actually one big tip you should all pay attention to! In fact, renting a mini-storage can bring benefits to moving houses. Many people do not know why a mini-storage can make your entire moving process smoother and more convenient. Here are the reasons:

Practical Reason 1 for Mini Storage - Avoiding Chaos During Packing of Your New Home
Even if you have moved to a new house, some cleaning is necessary, but if you put all the things in the old house into the new house in one go, it will be a mess when you clean up. If you put some items in the mini storage, move them little by little When you arrive at your new home, it will naturally reduce the difficulty of cleaning up!

Practical Reason 2 for Mini Storage - Protects Important Items from Damage
No matter how carefully you pack your belongings, it starts from the intensive transportation process of moving the house, and any item has a certain risk of damage, especially for some items that need special protection such as models, wine, etc., so it is up to you It will be a safer choice to store these things in the mini-storage first, and then return them to their original places after the entire moving and packing process is complete!
Reputable and Reliable - One Storage 
Ready to move house, you also want to find a reputable and reliable mini storage? Our One Storage is the perfect fit!
One Storage currently has nearly 30 branches, located in different locations in Hong Kong. Friends in any area can easily rent the service of One Storage to deal with the trouble of placing items when moving.
All kinds of household items are suitable for putting in the mini storage, because One Storage strictly follows the fire regulations and mini storage guidelines, and each storage space is equipped with a constant temperature and air conditioning system to keep the storage space safe and dry. If you are afraid that the size of the storage unit is difficult to predict, the official website of One Storage also provides a space calculation tool. As long as you provide the information of the stored items, the system can help you calculate the size of the storage unit and make a budget. You can also store the items in the unit of storage all day long, and manage freely according to your moving progress, as you like! So One Storage will definitely be your good helper!
Facing storage problems related to moving house? Moving clutter won't be a hassle anymore! Don't miss out the current limited offer on One Storage!



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