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It may take a long time to clear and organize the house during the move. If there is no place to temporarily store different objects, it will be really troublesome. Therefore, it is definitely a good way to use the mini-storage as a temporary storage point. However, there are a few points to be aware of when choosing a mini-storage for temporary storage. Just wait for the One Storage Supreme Mini-storage to give you some tips.

Choose the right warehouse type
Everyone's home area is different, so a mini-storage with different warehouse types is the most important. If you reluctantly rent a mini-storage that is too large, it will cause waste, and a small warehouse will worry about lack of space. Therefore, it would be better if there is a service to help calculate the required space for the mini-storage.

Convenient location
Ordinary Hong Kong families may not have a car. If the location of the mini-storage is not convenient enough, it can be a nightmare to run around with a bunch of furniture and sundries. Therefore, a mini-storage with multiple branches and a good location is really important.

Meets fire protection requirements and has a security system
In addition to daily sundries and furnishings, household items may also contain important property or items full of commemorative value. Putting them in the mini storage means that they cannot be taken care of by themselves. Therefore, the mini storage must meet the fire protection requirements and be equipped with a security system.

In addition to these three tips, we actually have one of the most direct tips for you! Just choose our One Storage Supreme Mini Storage!

The number of One Storage Supreme Mini Storage stores is close to 30. There are branches in Hong Kong, Kowloon and New Territories. The transportation is convenient and it is absolutely suitable for movers for storage purposes. One Storage Extreme Mini Storage attaches great importance to the safety of customers’ items. It not only strictly meets all fire protection requirements, but also has an all-day smart security system to ensure the safety of all stored items. At the same time, the One Storage Supreme Mini Storage provides several different storage types to meet the needs of different customers. Guests can also use the space calculator provided on the One Storage website to make it easier for you to make a good budget.

One Storage Supreme Mini Storage can definitely help you deal with the different storage needs when decorating and moving the house!

The Kwai Chung Yili branch and Kwai Chung Kwai Fung branch of One Storage Supreme Mini Storage are now offer! Friends who live near Kwai Chung, don’t be afraid of renovations, there is no place to move things! Grab the opportunity, find a One Storage supreme mini-storage helper, and experience the most comprehensive and considerate service!



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