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There are many milestones and things to accomplish in life, especially when it comes to welcoming life and planning and anticipating the future, so that problems can be solved and anxiety reduced in advance. New parents will need to make various adjustments before the birth of their first baby, such as psychological preparation and changes to their home life. 


Let's start with the psychological aspects of welcoming a first baby. Many new parents are not properly prepared for this part of the process. Often there is an inner child living in the mind of the new parent, and if they are not properly prepared to grow up, how can they take care of themselves? This can lead to anxiety and anxiety later on. What can they do to reduce this? 





It is easy to feel anxious in the days leading up to life. To prepare for this, it is important to relax, cultivate your hobbies or read books on childcare. Consider developing the habit of meditation, as many studies have found that meditation, positive thinking and deep relaxation can reduce stress and increase cognitive focus, which can have a positive effect on mood, especially in pregnant women who are not supported by positive energy and are prone to pre- or post-natal depression. It is important to take at least 15 minutes a day to relax and face life's problems or future events. It is important to develop your own interests, not only to relax, but also so that you don't focus solely on your children in the future, as this will not only cause you to lose yourself, but also cause your children to feel stressed by focusing on them. 



Build stronger friendships with old friends 


When you are busy with work or family, it is easy to lose sight of your old friends. Friendships are an important part of life and because they are less frequent than family or colleagues, it can be easy to forget that we need to build relationships. Having friends you can talk to not only allows you to take in objective advice from the outside world, but also, most importantly, relieves you of the psychological burden of talking and makes you feel like you have someone to go with. The companionship of a peer will undoubtedly help to build up the confidence of the pregnant woman, which will in turn help her to feel healthier and happier when caring for her child. 


In addition to the psychological preparation, there is also the need to prepare for home life. Before the arrival of a new baby, parents will be anxious to prepare a lot of things for the baby, and will be worried about what to buy, what to do with the home and what to do with the groceries. 



Create a sense of space 


While you are constantly shopping, don't forget to leave a little space in your life. Space is always linked to psychology, and having a tidy and clutter-free living environment can be very helpful in building a good psychological state. Small living environments are not a hot topic in Hong Kong anymore, as there is often clutter in the living environment, and even clutter all over the floor. Often there are a lot of different items that you don't use, just things that you look at occasionally, resulting in less room for the original. Men in particular often have a collection of beloved items, such as models and toys. These items can easily become junk in the eyes of the other person and then become a trigger. In order to strike a balance between having a sense of space and owning beloved models and toys, parents-to-be can consider categorising items for the sake of their future children. By keeping everyday items at home and storing the ones you don't use as often in mini storage, you can not only increase the space in your home, but also keep your favourite models. 



Adding items 


As I mentioned earlier, you can use mini storage to create a comfortable and clean living environment. It's also a good idea to buy more storage boxes for your children's future toys and to make it easier to pack up your belongings and store them in the mini-warehouse, as you'll need more space to welcome your children once you've purchased baby items. In your spare time, you can also go shopping and buy a cot and stroller of the right size. For baby products, there are now many non-additive items on the market that can protect your newborn baby. 


We hope that all new parents will have a healthy mind and make use of the mini storage service to increase the space for their first baby. 



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