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A relative or friend is newly married and wants to send a gift to express his affection, but he is afraid that the gift will be wrong or there is no good idea? There are some gift-giving taboos you need to know, take a look at the following gift guide for moving in!


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Household gifts that are not recommended in Chinese tradition
Suggested Move-In Gifts
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A gift that is not recommended in Chinese tradition 


In Chinese culture, some items are considered unlucky or have bad meanings, or have the opportunity to be misunderstood, so it is generally not suitable for newlyweds , for example:

Clock or timer
Originally, the meaning of "sending the clock" was to cherish time and treat life with a punctual and punctual attitude. However, because of the homonym of "zhong" and "end", "delivery" usually refers to accompanying parents or parents before their death and being responsible for organizing their funerals. Therefore, "giving a clock" is considered unlucky. If you want to express your cherished time, it is recommended to avoid giving a clock as a gift, so as not to misunderstand or offend others.


In some areas, using cash as a gift is considered to be in financial need of the other party's family, so it is suspected of disrespecting the other party, so it is also inappropriate.


Because "pear" and "li" are homophonic, they mean separation. When using a fruit basket as a gift, you should also avoid pears on the fruit basket. It is recommended to replace it with tangerines, which means "gold", or you can consult the fruit shop for other choices.


 Next, the editor will introduce several decent gifts for your reference: 


Suggested Household Gift


Home appliances
Household appliances are essential for moving into a new house, so gifting home appliances is a thoughtful and practical choice. The editor suggests that you can send some commonly used household appliances such as vacuum cleaners or refrigerators. If you know that the other family likes to cook, you will have more good choices! Ovens, induction cookers, microwave ovens, etc. are all available, and there are many choices for gifts!


Lamps are also an indispensable item in a new house. Sending small lighting with a sense of design can show your thoughts and add a romantic or individual atmosphere to the other party’s home. There are many customized lighting services on the market. You can consider customizing according to your preferences , must show your heart!


Cash Coupon
If you are afraid of embarrassment or waste caused by buying the wrong item, sending cash coupons is also a practical and safe choice, allowing the other party to purchase the items they need by themselves. Cash coupons from department stores or major supermarkets are also good gift choices!  


The newlyweds have received so many gifts and blessings, and it is the best story to spend a lifetime happily with the ones they love. However, with two people living together, sometimes a lack of living space can turn into a lot of friction and annoyance. Don't let a moment of trouble make you forget the good vows you made at the beginning. If you have troubles about insufficient space, just contact One Storage to solve it!


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