One Storage|Mini Storage|9 Tips to Help You Store Toys


Mini Storage|Bicycle Mini Storage-9 Tips to Help You Store Toys

Your children may have endless energy, and you are happy to let them know and experience the world through games. But sometimes, their toys will hinder your daily life. You can put them away, but they may be back to the prototype in an instant. You don’t have to worry about it, One Storage provides an affordable mini-storage solution and nine storage tips for your children.


Mini-storage tip 1: Sealed bags For small items such as puzzles, building blocks or figurines, please use sealed bags to store them and mark them so that you can know the contents of the bag at a glance.


Mini Storage Tip 2: Collection Box If your home is full of toys, small decorations and clothing that you can put away at your fingertips, then you need a collection box. If there are two or more children, write their names on the bucket or let them decorate it and keep it at home. When there is something to put down, put it in the box and take it later.


Mini Storage Tip 3: Wall Hooks These easy-to-hang hooks are suitable for many things to organize, such as: Store shoes and books (not many) Dolls, clothing and toys storage warehouse Mini Storage Tip 4: Shoe storage box whether it is plastic or cloth Woven material, these storage boxes can be used for many objects. If necessary, you can use it to store dolls, toy cars, etc.


Mini Storage Tip 5: Cutlery Storage Box For children who have too many crayons and colored pencils, the kitchen is a must-have storage. Find a unified tableware storage box suitable for storing children's coloring utensils, especially the square shape with a lid is more suitable for storage! Storage bin


Mini Storage Tip 6: Bathroom Storage Shelves For small toys with bathing function, this technique is very useful for you. Stand up the shower rod and hang the basket from it. The bath time is up, your child can pull any toys they want, and they can even help clean up when they need to finish.


Mini-storage tip 7: Bike rack Putting the bike in the mini-storage depends on whether you use it frequently. If your child is a holiday driver, it is a good way to put the bicycle in the mini storage and use the iron frame on the top floor.


Mini storage tip 8: Storage boxes under the bed There is nothing better than leaving enough storage boxes under the bed to store the sundries. If your child’s bed can be raised, please use the extra space below to accommodate toys and objects.


Mini storage tip 9: Elastic. If you live in a seaside place such as Chaiwan and Xiaoxiwan, then you need to put moisture-proof beads. Please use elastic cords to secure balls, sports, equipment and other toys. Extra tips for mini storage: clothes basket Use the clothes basket to store toys, plush dolls, blankets or books.

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