9 Ways to Make the Best of Mini Storage for Your Business


Businessmen use mini storage mainly to save money. The rent of a mini storage is much cheaper than that of an office. Depending on the city, the rent of an office may be higher.


When you find a suitable mini-storage, the following methods can help you make the most of your mini-storage:



Mini-storage tip 1: Use all the space in the mini-storage. It is not a good idea to rent a very large mini-storage but not fully utilize the space.

Use the One Storage's Space Calculator to measure your desks, filing cabinets, chairs and other large items to help determine the size of the required mini storage.



Mini-storage tip 2: But don’t overuse the mini-storage space.


Remember to make room for the mini-storage to move around, and it’s best to put items in the corners of the mini-storage when you don’t know where to put it.



Mini-storage tip 3: Consider long-term space needs. If you plan to develop your own business, please find a company that allows you to adjust the lease space and has a diversified type of mini-storage.



Mini-storage tip 4: It is best to rent a mini-storage close to the entrance. If you often want to go to the mini-storage, please try to rent a space near the entrance for use.



Mini-storage tip 5: Rent a mini-storage with sufficient safety facilities. You should pay attention to whether the cameras in the mini-storage are monitored, are the corridors easy to walk, and whether anyone can enter the mini-storage. In One Storage's mini storage, we are proud of its high-standard security:-Burglar alarm-24/7 CCTV-Security patrol-Comply with the latest fire regulations



Mini-storage tip 6: Securely lock In order to prevent the mini-storage from being accidentally entered, please prepare a strong lock and purchase a lock with a cover, a hidden padlock or a disc lock. These lock types have been tested and Confirmed as the strongest lock on the market.



Mini storage tip 7: Mini storage with constant temperature unit Some items, such as electronic products, need to be stored in the constant temperature mini storage. Keep your items in the best condition by storing them in a device where the temperature and humidity remain constant. All mini-storage units of One Storage have a certain degree of constant temperature. If you need to rent a mini storage for us, please contact us.



Mini-storage tip 8: Use the cloud to store documents, bills, memos, invoices, and other papers without storing them in the mini-storage. Why? Because they can be stored in the cloud.



Mini Storage Tip 9: Label Label Label-With Inventory List When you have inventory, label is the key. Keep the list and all the items in the mini-storage to make yourself relaxed.



Mini storage tip 10: If your company is in San Po Kong, then Jing Fuk Street is a good location; if you rent a mini storage in Kwai Fong, you can consider Kwai Ting Road; Wong Chuk Hang Road If the mini storage is rented, then everyone knows No. 18 Wong Chuk Hang Road. There is also a mini storage in Hong Kong, Kowloon and New Territories. You can go to the homepage of onestorage.com.hk for more info.


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