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The Academy Award is actually called the Academy Award or the Academy Award of Merit. It is one of the most watched film awards in the world. There are currently more than 20 award categories, including various film types. And jobs, for the film industry's annual event!


But not many people actually know that its official name should be called the Academy Award or the Academy Award of Merit, but why is it called the Academy Award?


There has never been an official statement, but there are two statements:


Statement 1


Is the chief secretary of the academy - Ms Herrick thinks the trophy is a lot like her uncle - Oscar


Statement 2


Ms. Davis, former dean of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, said she used the "Oscar" from her first husband's name as the award's name.


Although there is no exact origin, it is true that after 1939, the Academy recognized the Oscar, and officials began to call themselves the Oscars.


The 94th Academy Awards ceremony has just ended. For many Hong Kong audiences, one of the key points should be that "The Mitchells vs the Machines", produced by Louis Koo, was selected as the best animated film!


All the results have been announced, and whether or not you expected it, enjoy the movie's emotional impact. Although everyone is accustomed to watching different works on online platforms, do you still remember the time when you used to watch CDs in the not too long time?


I believe that everyone has some CDs in their homes that have been with you for many years and years. You may not watch them often, but you want to keep them as souvenirs. What can you do?


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