Mini storage|Health childhood need more space to explore


Health childhood need more space to explore


When children are born, young couples become novice parents, and then they find that the space disappears quickly, freeing up space for BB beds, BB carts, milk powder diapers, milk bottle sterilizers, etc. It takes up a lot of space, many beloved before. Furniture and supplies have to make way, if you don’t really have a place to go.


Don’t look at the small sundries. In fact, it is because the housing company will occupy a lot of space at any time. However, a simple mini storage of 8 to 10 feet can solve a lot of sundries, especially seasonal small appliances, such as humidifiers and pumps. Wet machines, aromatherapy machines, toasters, convection ovens, etc. that have lost interest in playing, don’t forget that there are seasonal clothes and sheets, but in fact, it’s only at a certain time in a year. What is it? It is most suitable to be placed in a mini-storage.

Space is very important for children’s growth. Apart from the fact that the growth process requires a lot of different equipment, auxiliary objects, and clothes that quickly become no longer fit, the most important thing is that there is a place to play, even if It's only a small book table for painting and painting. It must be a platform for craftsmanship. If you can say that a small space is exclusive to the world, it is all good. In fact, the space that needs to be freed is not really too much.


✨How to choose a suitable mini-storage? Introduce you to use this space calculator to automatically calculate your sundries to know how much space it occupies, which corresponds to the size of the mini-storage you need.


The editor has a rule, which is very simple. If you haven’t used it in the past three months and don’t remember its existence, you shouldn’t need it for three months, so it’s better to clean it up. It's easy to put it into the mini storage, don't throw it away.



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