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Make good use of storage supplies/tools:
There are a lot of pet supplies, including food, toys, and maybe even medical supplies. If you put them in boxes or cabinets without any layers, it will definitely make a mess. Make good use of cabinets or shelves with different layers. important.


Make good use of furniture with storage function
At present, many furniture, such as coffee tables and desks, have built-in storage space. Buying these furniture can also help create more space for pet supplies.


Use different storage supplies to help classify
Pet supplies have different properties. Food needs to be well covered. Commonly used items such as dog leashes and toys need to be easily extracted. Using different types of supplies such as bamboo baskets, covered plastic boxes and cardboard boxes can be more effectively classified and placed.


Storage skills:

Centralized placement and management of pet supplies
Central placement and management of pet supplies facilitates inspection, management, and easier access when needed.


Keep an eye on pets
If you have pets such as cats and dogs that move around the house, pay attention to their movements. Avoid placing items that will attract their attention, such as toys and food, where they can find or touch.


Consider your daily habits when storing
The living habits of pets have always been closely related to their own living habits. They should be considered together when storing. For example, commonly used items such as leashes and toys should not be placed in places that are too difficult to take out.


Additional Notes/Methods:

Pay attention to the temperature and humidity of the storage space
Pet supplies include medicines, food and other things that are not easy to store. You need to pay attention to the temperature and humidity of the storage space.


Regularly check the status of different items
Regular inspections will keep you informed of the quantity and status of different items such as food, medicines, etc.


Keep good medical and health check records
Pets, like people, need to keep good medical and health check-up records in case they are needed.


Rent a mini storage for pet supplies
The living space in Hong Kong is not large, and there may not be enough space to store all pet supplies. It is a good idea to find mini storages on the market for help to store pet items that are not commonly used or spare.


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