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Not so many years ago, when a new first-hand flat in Tuen Mun cost over $10,000 per square foot, people already said: "That's exaggerated! Nowadays, it is not surprising that a so-called "difficult, dilapidated and scattered" New Territories mini 35-year old flat with just 200 square feet is already over $4 million.

I don't want to talk about the price per square foot of the flat, but how about the price per square foot of the miscellaneous items?
It depends on how much space is occupied by the miscellaneous items in the house. There are a few cardboard boxes and bags of miscellaneous items that are lying around, and there are those that have been occupying the cabinets for a long time but won't be taken out or thrown away, plus they are as big as half a hall! They have their own reasons for staying here, but they don't want to get rid of them, but they are wasting a lot of space.



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A woman in Japan teaches people to clean up their houses, throwing them away when they don't move. It's shocking!
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For example, for a family of four, there are already a lot of red, white and blue plastic bags for bed linen, not enough space under the bed, plus things that I thought I was interested in but didn't use anymore, kitchen appliances that I've forgotten, homemade bread machines, game consoles that I don't want to play with but don't want to throw away, and boxes of souvenirs, toys, gifts, etc. that I've bought over the years! ... And so on.
How much money have they spent? According to various real estate and news websites, the price per square foot in Hong Kong and Kowloon is over $16,000, and on Hong Kong Island it is over $20,000. Most people do not live in large flats, so they have to add another cabinet to their house, and the living space will become smaller and smaller.
You can use the space calculator below to calculate the amount of space you need by adding the items you want to put away.
✨How do I choose the right mini storage? Introducing the 👉🏻 space calculator, which automatically calculates how much space they take up and what size mini storage they need.
I've observed that many people start with the smallest storage units and then find that they don't have enough space, so it's a waste of time and money to change storage units. There may be new discounts available. (I'm not sure what I'm talking about)


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