Recruitment order for One Storage: looking for professional spokespersons to answer all questions for customers


The One Stroage is looking for the following professional consultants, who have the following 4 conditions can be given priority. Send CV soon, high salary and welfare are waiting for you!

📌 Has a peculiar memory function! Recite the latest price list for renting warehouses in 18 districts in Hong Kong in 3 seconds, and answer all questions for customers
📌 Have professional rental knowledge! Carefully remind customers of the same precautions for each leasing step
📌 Do your best! It only takes 1 second to help customers get a good deal and perfect the discount plan
📌 Talented! Help customers build a room in 10 seconds, with professional storage skills


I want to see work articles! Candidate No. 1-Arriving Abbot

To reach the abbot: "After looking at the recruitment of your company, the abbot of Liben wants to fall into the mortal world to help many renters, plus I have a "Supreme God Ruler" to save every inch of space. No one is better than me. See through all the leasing affairs in the world, and solve all the troubles for everyone! I can see it this time! "


👉 Magic weapon-supreme god ruler: measure the space for the donor, choose the best size for the warehouse
👉 Special feature: Ears will become bigger, and you will have discounts below.
👉 The side position needs to rent a warehouse, and the abbot will try his best to help the donor. Everyone who rents a warehouse, think I am competent, please, as a 👍 LIKE, I support it


I want to see work articles! Candidate No. 2-Miss Chen

Ms. Chen: I've finished the recruitment post. Regarding the issue of renting warehouses, customers often ask "black question marks"! At this time, (8 degrees high) I want to show my strength! When I carry out the computer, I will help you with all the counts! Coupled with my professional Japanese storage skills, I can manage the house in 5 seconds! No difficulty!


📌 Magic weapon-computer: help people count and carry everything
📌 Special function: complete the house in 5 seconds
📌 All customers "black question mark", this lady will answer one by one, customer first!


Are you looking for me? 👍 LIKE I will support it right away. I will do my job well


I want to see work articles! Candidate No. 3-Big Chen

Big Chen:
"After looking at the recruitment, I want to see a job! Well~ this job is suitable for me, a helpful and a muscle boy! As long as I dispatch my personal "Supreme Carton", I will help you solve all the problems one by one! I majored in "renting warehouse" when I was in college, so it would be easy! Come on Baby! I am ready!"


📌 Magic weapon-supreme carton: it weighs about a few times, and it's a certain size.
📌 Special function: answer all renting problems for you within 3 seconds
📌 Answer to the warehouses in all 18 districts of Hong Kong in 2 seconds, details
I really want to do my job and support me, 👍 LIKE!






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