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Last time we shared and studied the needs of the elders before renovating or redesigning the home, but in fact, many families also have children, and the needs of children should not be forgotten. A place to consider for kids!


Children's decoration should consider 1-formaldehyde problem

Formaldehyde must be the place that many parents are most worried about affecting children when decorating. There are two points that must be paid attention to, one is paint, and the other is furniture. In terms of paints, water-based paints are now popular, and their formaldehyde content is much lower than that of previous oil-based paints. You can pay attention to the difference between the two. Now some paints can capture volatile organic compounds and reduce their impact! At present, the amount of formaldehyde in furniture sometimes varies with the production process, and sometimes it is higher than that of paint, so pay attention and keep ventilation.


Children's decoration should consider 2-floor and corner safety

Last time, we mentioned the importance of corner safety. We can make the corners rounded so that it will not be too dangerous for children to bump into. But in addition, in fact, you can install platforms at different positions in the home, and add carpets or soft pads on the platform, so as to delineate the space for children to move and run and jump. In this way, children have a safe and comfortable space to play, and at the same time, there is no need to spread carpets or cushions in the whole home, and balance cost and effectiveness!


Children's decoration to consider 3-may fall off the bed

At present, there are many ways to create more storage space for children, such as making platform beds or bunk beds, but parents always worry that children may fall off the bed and cause accidents. In view of this, railings can be added beside the bed, but a space should be reserved in advance so that the cabinets and stairs on the bed will not be affected.


It is the goal of every parent to create a better living space for children. However, children will grow up every day, and their body shapes and needs will be different every day. The home may need more space or more decoration to meet the needs!


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