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Hong Kong property market is getting crazy! The price of feet keeps rising. Many Hong Kong people have already rented a mini-storage or this storage service to store some unnecessary clutter at home, such as seasonal clothes, old books and documents, outdated furnishings and so on. In fact, if you think about it carefully, there may be the following items in your home that can be stored in the mini-storage together to further save your home space!

1) Old photos/album
Nowadays, everyone has a lot of personal photos stored on their mobile phones, computers, and the cloud, but it is very likely that you who live with your elders still have many physical albums left over from the past, as well as stacks of old photos. , when a relative's home visits, it is taken out from the utility room of the home. Usually, it will only be randomly placed in an inappropriate position, occupying a lot of storage space in the home for a long time. The emergence of mini storage can solve your troubles for you, store physical photos and albums in our mini storage, save space at home, strive for a little more comfortable home space for yourself, and provide a more comfortable home. Excellent resting environment.

2) Children's old items
If the children in the family are adults, for example, they are already middle school students or college students and are reluctant to throw away the old memories related to them, they want to preserve the memories and commemorativeness. Please try to use our mini-storage service, which needlessly occupies your home space. When the other day is appropriate, you can give it to your children at one time, and you can also share the past with your children. It will be a priceless and meaningful gift. .

3) Relics of relatives
It is a sad thing to have a loved one pass away, and it is not an easy task to deal with their precious relics. Some of these personal items are reluctant to destroy, but there are also some items that may be loved by family members who want to keep. However, the price per square foot is high nowadays, and the storage space in the home is limited. If you want to properly store it in a corner of the house, in a dilemma, it is a good way to store it in a mini-storage. In addition to saving home space and releasing more living environment for the home, it can also reduce the excessive sadness of family members and themselves who often see things and think about people.

4) Paintings/Artworks
If you love art, you may have received some larger art gifts, which may be a picture framed painting, a valuable poster, or even a three-dimensional sculpture or decoration, but at present your home does not have a proper place to place it. And display, many people will arbitrarily place it in a corner of the home, such as the bottom of the bed, the side of the cabinet, in fact, this way of handling is quite unwise. Once your home environment is too humid, it is possible to damage your precious art. It is better to choose the mini storage service, pack them well, store them in the warehouse, and store your treasures under the best protection in the warehouse with strict temperature and humidity control 24 hours a day.

5) Holiday Supplies
Big festivals such as Christmas and Chinese New Year, even Mid-Autumn Festival, Halloween, etc., will produce a lot of festive items, such as decorations, utensils, lanterns, clothing, props, etc. Usually after the festival, we will put the festive items at random To store a corner, some are actually quite difficult to collect properly. If you want to recycle it after one year, it is often impossible to continue to use it because of improper storage, such as dust accumulation and mildew. It is better to consider storing these items in a mini-storage, which not only saves space at home, but also can be well preserved. Recycling them every other year will not only contribute to protecting the environment, but also save money and kill two birds with one stone.


6) Vinyl Records
Although vinyl records do not take up much space, there are many places that need to be paid attention to when placing them. For example, vinyl records should be placed vertically and cannot be stacked horizontally, and they need to be stored in a cooler environment for better preservation ( Such as 8 to 12 degrees) and should be stored in a temperature and humidity stable and dry environment.


The above items are all great for transferring from home to a mini storage, and One Storage is a great choice for storing anything!


One Storage provides services in a total of 40 branches in various districts of Hong Kong. Whether it is the location of the mini storage or the all-day constant temperature system, it is all to allow you to store toys, records, paintings and other different items. More peace of mind and no hassle! If you don't know how much storage you need, you can make good use of the space calculator function on the official website of One Storage, allowing you to easily calculate the space you need.


At the same time, One Storage Extreme Mini Storage provides a lot of high-quality and cost-effective temperature-controlled mini storages of different sizes (small storage to extra large storage) for you to choose. Fire regulations. The environment is safe and convenient, as well as a parking lot for easy parking, and a large freight elevator for easy unloading.


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